Monday, 13 November 2017

13th November 2017

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thank you to all who read and /or commented on last weeks posting. This is what I have been up to in the last week.

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

This is where I left it last week
 and here it is now

 This is where I left it
and this is how far I got. I have been using this one for my Every Member Counts Sal in  The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group and I  have just over 300 stitches to go to complete this challenge, so should do that in the coming week.

Viennese Waltz
 This is where I left it last Saturday
and here it is now. Slowly completing the design but as I keep telling myself any progress is better than none.

Strawberry Thief

 This is where it was left last Sunday
Not a great deal of progress but part of the section I had stitched last week I had to unpick and re do as it was off by one stitch which is very annoying. I will continue up this right hand side next week with a view to reaching the inner border join.


Froggy Bingo - The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group
 This is where I left this project last week and here it is now
I am really happy with the progress I have made on this project by doing this SAL.

 This is where I left it last week and by doing around 50 stitches a day here it is now

Lest We Forget

This SAL ran from Friday to Sunday in The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group to acknowledge Remembrance/Veteran's Day which I know are on this weekend in the UK, Canada and the US. I chose to work on Summer Ball and below is where I left it last time I stitched on it
and here is where I got to after a few hours stitching over this weekend
I am pleased with the progress.

I did not work on Siren and the Shipwreck which is for Mervember in Mira Mira on the Wall group but will try and do some on it this week. I did have one session on my ATC's but I do have until the end of the month to get those done so I am not panicking yet.


I continued reading Someone to Love by Mary Balogh and I am still enjoying it I will finish that book this week. I also read from both Rebecca and The Cottingley Fairies at bedtime depending on what my eyes could tolerate. Generally if I am very tired I read from the Kindle. I also started reading the non fiction book The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. I have had this on my Kindle since before my daughter went to Denmark for nine months two years ago and it was only I heard it mentioned on a Book Tube video and I thought well I don't have a non fiction read at the  moment so why not. I also managed to read about 40 pages of War and Peace, now this book I made great strides with during July only to lose my momentum when I was about 75% through the book. It is now a goal to get it finished before the end of the year. I did not listen to any of the audio book The Angel Tree by Lucinda Riley this week and I must rectify that so that I don't forget what has happened in the story so far.

Finally I have not been feeling too bright for about the last month and most days have been a struggle. Well last week I went back to the doctors to discuss my blood test results and it turns out I am quite anaemic and also have low B12 so I am now on supplements of both. I am only three days in and so far I am not seeing any improvement in my energy levels but I am hoping that within two weeks I should notice the difference - or at least I hope so. I struggle to get to 10 pm at night which is the time we retire to bed. It also does not help that I am wide awake come 5.30 am. So I am hoping my energy levels do improve in the near future and I feel able to do more, everything is an effort at the moment. Anyway that is enough of my woes.

So until next week

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Stitching Plan 2018

Hi Blogger Friends,

This is a quick post laying out my stitching plans for 2018. The projects listed below I hope to complete in 2018 other than Lady Lilac.

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

There will be at least 9 letters still to do in 2018.

Enchanted Aurora
This Joan Elliott project will be finished in 2018

Raven Queen
This Mirabilia will be finished in 2018

Lady of Shalott

I would also like to finish this Teresa Wentzler design

Hannah Coates 1848

This Hands Across the Sea Sampler reproduction I would like to finish having finally finished Martha Jones this year and I cannot justify starting any new ones until I get some of my wips completed.

Snooty Parrots

This Barbara Ana design looks like a reproduction but is a modern sampler which I am stitching on 40 ct 1 over 2 and really enjoying the process, so this is another I would like to get off my wip pile

Victorian Charm

This Sunset (Dimensions) kit was gifted to me and I would like to finish it
This Lesley Teare design was a restart my first attempt at this got ruined by my using masking tape and putting the project on scroll rods. So this is my second version and I would like to finish it. It is super sparkly which photos just do not show. I am using Petite Treasure Braid not what is recommended in the chart which I think was DMC metallic but it might have been Kreinik, all I know is I changed it out.

Lady Lilac

I would like to complete the current page being worked and a further 4 whole pages during 2018. This is the only project I know will not be completed in the year.

Summer Ball 

This project has been selected as I have joined the Jane Austen Reading and Stitch A Long group on Facebook. As I have this as a wip I will work on this initially I do have a subsequent Jane Austen themed project to work on if this gets completed and hopefully it will

So that is is 18 projects in 2018. As long as the Prairie Schooler Alphabet and at least half of the remaining projects get completed I will call 2018 a successful stitching year.

The knack to its success is not to get sidetracked by New Starts and as I have around 100 wips give or take there is absolutely no need for me to have any large new starts in 2018. I will still do my ornaments and smaller things like cards and bookmarks but that will be it. I will also work on some other projects over the year particularly for challenges etc, just to break up the nightly stitching on one project.

Wish me luck and hopefully come December 2018 I will have a good completion list of projects.

Making this public on  my blog is my way of making myself accountable and hopefully making me stick to it.

Bye for now

Happy Stitching

Lisa x


Monday, 6 November 2017

6th November 2017

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thank you to all who read and/or commented on last weeks blog post.

This is what I have been doing over the last week.

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

So I made a start on Letter Q and below is what it should look like when done and where I got to
This is my progress after three stitching sessions just over 3 hrs work.


This is where I left it last week
and here is my progress
Firstly I apologise for the picture the fabric is as the previous photo it is not blue. Anyway this project is being used for the Every Member Counts SAL in The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group on Facebook and this month we need to stitch 3,287 stitches. After my progress this week I have 2,022 stitches still to go.

Viennese Waltz

Here is where I left it last week

Only a little progress again but something is better than nothing.

Strawberry Thief

Here is where I left it last week
and my progress this week


Here is where I left it last week

I only worked on this for about 45 minutes this week and below is my progress. This is an as and when project so I am in no hurry to complete it but I will finish it eventually


I am in a number of cross stitching groups on Facebook and joined several challenges/ SALs this week.

The first one in the Ultimate Cross Stitch Group was Froggy Bingo which will run for 20 days and each day there was a number of stitches to do. Day 1 was 150 and I did 161 on Autumn Sampler, below is a photo of where this was last time Day 1 progress and then Day 7's

In Stitch Maynia I am taking part in the NaNoStitchMo SAL for this I am putting 50 stitches  in it per day. The project I chose is When Dreams Come True by Love thy Thread artwork by Leonid Afremov.
This is where I left this project which was started in 2014.
this is where I got to by Sunday the 5th November. I needed to put in 250 and I actually stitched 311 over 5 days and I really have enjoyed just adding a little bit each day with this one.

And in Stitch from Stash I took part in the Book Lovers Mini SAL that ran from the 3rd to 5th November for this I worked on my Stained Glass Bookmark
This was my starting point I only did a couple of hours stitching and this is where I got to with it.
Bad lighting for the update photo so I apologise but progress is progress

I also decided to take part in Mervember which is an event in the Mira Mira on the Wall group on Facebook so I decided to start on Siren and the Shipwreck my first Mermaid
I am stitching this on 28ct Opalescent Sea Siren Lugana from Polstitches and below is the progress I have made since the 1st November. I love the Waterlillies that are in this design particularly the deeper blue one blueberry. This is where I got to after 3 stitching sessions a couple of hours.

I also have spent some time working on this months 2 ATC exchanges. The themes this month are Butterflies and Flowers and I will as before show what I stitched when the recipients have received them. This could be as late as early December as we have until the 30th to get them posted out and I only work on them when I have a small amount of time to fit some stitching in and do not want to get out one of my larger projects.

I finally finished the Magi Trilogy from Mill Hill Beads
I am really happy with how these have turned out. My photo is not very good but they are super sparkly and colourful, I think they are my favourite Mill Hill ornaments that I have done so far.

And I had some happy mail on the weekend
I got two more buttons and bead kits as I so enjoyed working on Moonlit Kitties  and My Lady's Garden from Mirabilia is a very early chart No 9 and has no beading, I would never had considered this had I not seen a lady working on it in the Polstitches group on Facebook and it is absolutely stunning. So I got it.


I finished reading this
I enjoyed it but found the chapter heading confusing. For example it might say Alix and Nicky, but then be talking about another potential pairing. That aside it was a good read.

I also finished reading Jenny Colgan's The Little Shop of Happy Ever After which was about a woman who buys a van and sets up a bookshop in it in Scotland. It was an enjoyable light read
and as I have been feeling in the need for lighter reads I then went on to read the first in a newish series from Mary Balogh. She writes regency romances and I like her because she knows her time period very well. Now you know you are going to get a happy ending and they are not taxing reads but are well written and I used to be embarrassed that I enjoyed this type of book but have come to the conclusion that most of the visual entertainment I enjoy is set in a historical period. So I openly admit that I enjoy regency romances for what they are a bit of light fluff but with quite a bit of historical information if they are well written.
I am about 150 pages into this book and really enjoying it. It is about a girl who has grown up in an orphanage only to discover that she was in fact the only legitimate child of a gentleman and now is the heiress much to the disdain of his second family. Really enjoying and I already have the second book  in this series plus another similar book by Julia Quinn to read in the very near future.

I also continued listening to The Angel Tree by Lucinda Riley and I am still enjoying that. On Sunday night I finally got back to reading from Rebecca at bedtime and managed a chapter which was good, lots of setting the scene at Manderley and how the second Mrs De Winter is struggling to settle in.

So that is it for this week.

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

13th November 2017

Hi Blogger Friends, Thank you to all who read and /or commented on last weeks posting. This is what I have been up to in the last week. ...