Monday, 18 September 2017

18th September 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thanks to all who read and or commented on my last posting.

This is what happened over the last week.

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

This is where I got to last week
and on Thursday I managed to complete this letter. It took me 26hrs and 23mins over 14 days
and this is the whole piece


Here is where I left it last week
and here is where I got to by Sunday 17th September, I only worked on him 4 days this week so not as much progress as I would have liked but still moving on.
Sorry the photo isn't very good but I won't be taking an off the q snaps shot until I either complete this bottom section or its the end of the  month and photo taken in window to get some natural light but has given everything a slightly blue tinge. The previous photo above is accurate for colours.

Enchanted Aurora

This is my second project in my new rotation system and here is where I started from
and here is where I got to by Friday 15th September

Again I was counting stitches on this project to get to the monthly total required for the FB  challenge in The Ultimate Cross Stitch group. I managed to do 1,907 stitches on this project and thereby with last weeks total have completed the challenge. I did not get as much as I would like done on this either as I have been experiencing headaches in the evenings so have not been as productive as I normally am, had to take more breaks and work for less time. But I did enjoy working the bottom section because of all the lovely colours in it.

Viennese Waltz

This is where I left it last Saturday
and here is where I got to on Saturday 16th September
I achieved what I wanted to do which was to get the ladies head stitched. 

Strawberry Thief

This is where I left it last Sunday
and here is where I got to on Sunday 17th September
I am quite pleased with the progress I made in the couple of hours I stitched on this project, I think it will take me at least until the end of the year to complete this design if I stay with just a few hours a week, but nearer the end of the year I may put more of a focus on to this.

I also got the my other ATC completed and posted and as it has been received I can post it here. The theme was Houses.
I mentioned last week that I had joined a group on Facebook called The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group having reached the total number of stitches required for Every Member Counts SAL, I decided to join another challenge this time Around the World Times 60  - I have set my goal as I am late joining this challenge to 1,000 stitches which will get me the Maroon Level badge and because I have to count the stitches I decided to start a new project. Ho Hum, there really is no hope for me.
This is what I got done in a couple of hours whilst my Husband was out at Tae Kwon Do, just over 200 stitches. I need to remember with the full coverage pieces they take time but if you work on them steadily you will get it done. I have proved I can complete pages as I managed two on Lady Lilac in August so just need to be patient.

Also this week it was announced that DMC were releasing a tin filled with 35 new shades of floss. So I posted that I would like this item and my husband who never actually orders anything stitchy for me (he does buy me lots of things but I usually order it and he pays), pre ordered them for me.  As I have always maintained a complete set of DMC I would have got these eventually, now I don't need to and get a nice tin with them.

TV and Books

I finished watching season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix. I continued watching Victoria, and the second story in Strike episode one which strangely is only a two part story after the first one being 3 episodes. Not sure why that is. I also watched Doctor Foster again and my opinion is she is unhinged still and to be honest I think they could have not done a second series, it had a conclusion and I am not sure bringing back was good. I think the best new show I watched this week was Liar a six part drama with Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd in. It is the story of teacher and surgeon who go on a date, she invites him into her home to phone for a taxi and they have a drink and sleep together. The issue is did she consent and in the morning she decides she didn't and goes to the police. So it is a case of He Said , She said. It was only the first episode so not sure where this will go but so far very interesting.  Whilst working on Viennese Waltz on Saturday evening I watched a documentary on Netflix called The Investigator - A British Crime Story, it was very interesting and the 'murderer' (I put it in inverted commas because no body has ever been found and he did not own up to it at trial, although convicted)  was so manipulative. As for books I have been struggling a bit as I have been quite tired. I have managed to read a few more chapters of The Cottingley Secret but that is about all.

Out and About

The only thing I really did this week was return our son to university in Cardiff. He was really keen to get back for his final year and his new halls are very nice having been in the same room for two years he is now in the block opposite and he seemed very happy when we left him on Friday afternoon, they were having a foody thing in a marquee in the evening so he was happy about that.

So that's it for this week, I hope you have all had good stitchy weeks, on the whole I am pleased with what I got done and look forward to more of the same in the coming week.

Bye for now

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Monday, 11 September 2017

11th September 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thanks to everyone who read and or commented on last weeks blog post.

So this is what I have been up to over the last week

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

I started the week with this project here
and this is where I got to by Sunday 10th September
Very pleased with the progress I am making on this project.


I started the week with this project here
and here is where I got to by Sunday 10th September

I am pleased with the progress, as I keep reiterating mainly for myself this project will be finished before the New Year. Doing an hour a day on it means I do not fall out of love with the project.

Parrot Tulips

So Monday 4th saw the start of my  new 4 weekly rotation and Parrot Tulips is the first project to be worked on. This was my starting point
and this is where I got to by Friday 8th September.
I have joined a group on  FB called The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group and they have a challenge where you count stitches. The goal for this month is 3,184 the total number of members of the group at the beginning of September. This design includes quite a lot of half stitch, you have to count 2 half stitches to = 1 whole stitch. I managed to put in the equivalent of 1,993 stitches into this project over 5 evenings I am really pleased with the progress I made.

Viennese Waltz

This is where I left it last week
and where I got to on Saturday 9th September
I managed to do a couple of hours in between watching the launch show of Strictly Come Dancing. As you can see I managed to do more of the background behind the stitchers, hopefully next week I will get to the lady's head. As for SCD  I guessed quite a few of the pairings correctly. The season proper starts in two weeks time and I will enjoy it. This programme, The Apprentice and Bake Off are the only reality shows I watch these days all the other ones just irritate me.

Strawberry Thief

This is where I left it last week
and below is where I got to with it on Sunday 10th September.
So as you can see I continued working on the inner border. It is coming along if a little slowly but as I only spend 2 - 3 hrs a week on it, this will be the case as working on navy fabric does take me a little longer.

On the 5th I finished stitching my Birthstone ATC for the exchange I am in on FB, this is the design I stitched and as the recipient has received it I can post it in this weeks update and claim my £2 credit for my Stitch from Stash for September.
This tiny design 23 x 42 stitches used 15 colours in the cross stitching plus one blended shade of two more colours and 6 shades of back stitching. It took me 6 and 3/4 hrs to stitch and make up. Because I finished this one so quickly I signed up for the second exchange for September. The theme for that one is Houses. Again once I have completed it and it has been received I will post a photo here on my blog.

TV and Books

I continued to watch Victoria which I am really enjoying and also watched the concluding episode of the first story of Strike which was good if like I said last time a bit slow at times. I also finished watching The Mist, now this was a bit hit and miss for me but the final episode had me really gripped so if they make another season I will continue watching. I also watched some episodes of How To Get Away with Murder, I am now into Season Two and likewise with The Americans. It's funny we have had the subscription TV services of Netflix and Amazon for a couple of years but it is only recently that I have started using them fully. Doctor Foster second season started this week, this time it is 5 episodes and all I can say is I would  not want her as my doctor she is a trifle unhinged.

I haven't read much this week but have started to listen to A Discovery of Witches (this is a re-read) and I am really enjoying it. My actual reading bug has gone on a walk I hope it comes back soon, although I do feel sometimes you need a break so as to fully enjoy your next story.

On Saturday night I started reading The Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor
I have loved the story of the two girls who convinced post WWI Britain that they had seen fairies and photographed them. I have read all of Hazel Gaynor's previous novels and none has been less than a 4 star read for me. I pre ordered this book for my Kindle when it was first mooted back in Autumn 2016 I wanted to read it that much. It was delivered to my Kindle on Thursday and bearing in mind I am struggling a bit with reading at the moment, I am pleased I got to start reading it within two days. I managed to read two chapters before I hit myself in the head with my iPad having nodded off, but what I have read so far I think I am going to really enjoy it. On another note I actually prefer the US cover for this book but I suppose you cannot have everything. I had hoped to continue the book Sunday bedtime, but was so tired I went straight to sleep.

Out and About and Other Stuff

On Monday we went to Weston-Super-Mare for a day trip and I think we all had fun and thankfully the car journey was just over an hour there which for the M5 in summer is good going, that said a lot of schools went back on Monday so that probably helped
Photo is of me and Tom (my son) on the Grand Pier. I had a game of table hockey I think it is called with my husband Simon and he won this time. Playing that does bring out the competitive side of me, but I don't think I could have played many games as my shoulder was hurting after one.

On Sunday we had our regular Slow Cooker Gammon Roast Dinner but I made a crumble for afters using apples from the old tree in our front garden.
Before it went in oven :-)  It was really nice, the apples were fairly sharp but not tart,which is how I like it.

Anyway that's it for this week,

Bye for now

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Monday, 4 September 2017

4th September 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thanks to all who read and or commented on my last post. This is what I have been up to over the last week.

Lady Lilac
start of week
I finished page 3 on Tuesday 29th evening
I did make a small start on page 4 but didn't photograph it. Lady Lilac is going away now until 25th September

start of week
as of 3rd September
I don't think I have done too badly here.

Martha Jones
before and after
I managed to get the name Jones stitched and a little of the one over one lettering above, I only did a couple of hours stitching.

Lilies of the Valley pin cushion 
I managed to complete this project that was started at the beginning of August and made it up into the pin cushion.

On Friday I made a start on Letter O from the Prairie Schooler Alphabet and here is where I got to by Sunday

On Saturday I worked on Viennese Waltz for a couple of hours in the evening
This is where I started from and this is where I got to
 I am pleased with what I manage to achieve in 2 and a half hours.

On Sunday evening I worked on Strawberry Thief
This was the starting point
and here is where I got to

I also worked on the ATC for the exchange I am in but I cannot show this until the recipient has it and as of Sunday I still have about an hours back stitching to do and make it up into the ATC. My goal is to have it posted by Friday the 8th at the latest.

Finally the last kit I ordered arrived in the week
Summer's End by Dimensions
So that was my stitching week. During this time I finished one book, my reading has slowed down of late. The book I completed was Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. This is a young adult book about a girl who has to live in a sterile environment and about the relationship she forms with the boy next door. It was a solid 3 * for me. Had I been the target audience I think I would absolutely have loved it, being a tad older it didn't quite hit the mark but worth reading. It has also been the first week of New Season TV here in the UK so I watched the first two parts of the BBC's adaptation of Robert Galbraith's aka J K Rowling's Strike. The first story being The Cuckoo's Calling. The first episode was bit of a slow burn but it did pick up in episode two and I believe this storyline ends with the third episode with the second book following in a 3 part adaptation. I also watched the first episode from Season Two of Victoria. I still find Tom Hughes very fetching as Prince Albert and as a stitcher it amused me to see Uncle Leopold doing embroidery - I think the actor Alex Jennings who plays this character is one of our best character actors. I have seen him in lots of roles recently and he has never been anything but excellent in the roles he has played. I also have watched nearly all of the first season of The Mist on Netflix. It isn't my usual thing but it makes a change to watch things that are a little more disturbing from time to time, this is based on a Stephen King work. And I have watched three films on the subscription tv services this week - The Hippopotamus, What Happened to Monday and Lady Macbeth (not Shakespeare set in Victorian times).

So until next time
bye for now

Happy Stitching

Lisa x

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Rotation from September 2017 onwards

Hi Blogger Friends,

For those of you that have read my latest weekly stitching update, thank you.

This post is about my stitching plans for September onwards. I did show in my first weekly update (2 posts back) my planner for September. Here I am going to discuss these plans.

As most of you know I have about 100 plus wips in various stages of development, but I need to focus and set some rules as to what I will work on.

So I have two focus projects they are Prairie Schooler Alphabet which I work on every month apart from April, August and December and my goal is to have it completed by November 2018. Completing O, P and Q by the end of November this year.
and my Orangutans (Simon) is the other one that I want to try and complete by the end of this year
I am further along than this photo but it shows the finished image.

I will then have a weekly rotation which from September to December 2017 will be of 5 days length.

Week 1 = Dimensions/Sunset/Maia/Riolis etc Kits

This category is for the projects that are full kits but are pretty much full coverage and require concentration. This is going to be Parrot Tulips for the foreseeable future. I have 4 Dimensions kits started plus one Sunset, one Riolis, one Maia and one MCG textiles Disney dreams. I need to complete at least half of these before I can start any new full size project.

Week 2 = Ladies

This week will feature either a Joan Elliott, Mirabilia, Lavender and Lace or any other full sized lady.
For the foreseeable future that will be Enchanted Aurora. I have 8 projects started in this category and again I would like to complete at least half of them before starting another new one.
This is my starting point.

Week 3 = Samplers

This will be Martha Jones until she is completed
Again she is further along than the photo shows but it is quite a good photo of the project and has the finished image present.

I have 18 projects started in this category excluding the Janlynn Seasonal samplers that will have there own slot in my rotation. Clearly I need to get some of these finished before embarking on any new ones.

Week 4 = Full Coverage

This will be Lady Lilac by Artecy for about the next 3 years. I average 400 stitches per night I am on page 4 of 25 pages and the project has about 68,000 stitches to go. On my calculations that will take me 34 rotations to complete which will be June 2020.

This is where I got to as of 29th August 2017.

I have 6 other full coverage pieces started and I will not be starting anymore until at least this one is finished.

Saturday Stitch September to December 2017

I will be working on Heritage Crafts/ John Clayton Viennese Waltz and Argentine Tango for 8 Saturdays each
These are coming out because it is the season for Strictly Come Dancing and I would love to see one of these completed. I doubt that will happen but I should make some good progress over the autumn.

Sunday Stitch

This will be Strawberry Thief by Barbara Hammett until it is completed. I am hoping to complete it before the end of the year.

Cross Stitch Smalls/Christmas Stitching

Because the Prairie Schooler Alphabet usually takes about 20 - 23 days to do I will have some time freed up at the end of the month.

24 - 26th will be Christmas Stitching and I am currently working on these two projects
27th to end of month will be a cross stitch small and in September it will be
This is a freebie design from Designs by Lisa and I hope to complete this one in September. I have stitched it on a scrap of Crafty Kitten linen using hand dyed floss I have in my stash

I am going to attempt to get 45 hours stitching done on Janlynn Autumn Sampler from 22nd September until the start of winter. This is a new start. I was meant to start in last year but run out of steam, with the other 3 seasons already started.

I  am also taking part in the ATC group on Facebook, I have signed up for one exchange in September with the theme being Birthstones. My partner for this has a February birthday and therefore will receive something Amethyst inspired. I will show what I send and receive once the recipient has got it. I have not started it yet but do know what I am stitching and I have until the 30th September to do it. For those who do not know what an ATC is it is a small piece of stitching that fits on a playing card
This was the first one I made back in 2010, the design is by Joan Elliott

Finally I anticipate at least one other start this year which will be a Christmas project, with a view to working on over a couple of years.
Most likely the Twelve Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott as in this image as I have it kitted apart from the fabric.

So that's the plan.

Wish me luck

until next time

Happy Stitching

Lisa x