Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Some Progress on Cinderella

Just a quick update to show how far I have got in the last two days working on Joan Elliott's Pink Cinderella (Chart originally published in Cross Stitch Gold in the Blue Version). Fabric is Polstitches Colourful Clouds.

She now has a face and the hair is growing. When I return to stitching on her on Friday I will continue with the hair section.


  1. She looks stunning. Makes me want to pick up mine. But lots of frogging to do as I started with the pink conversion but I realised I would never finish her if I carried on. So I will frog and restart her in the original colour scheme.

    1. Thank you Monique. I know what you mean that is why I am doing the pink version as I am more a pink and purples girl then a blues girl. She is beginning to stitch up quite well though the hair is taken a bit of time due to the three colours used but I will get there :-)

  2. Just beautiful. Wonderful progress already. Love the pink.

  3. She looks great,love the pink dress too.


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