Monday, 26 November 2012

The Weight Issue

As I have decided to make this blog to deal with all aspects of my life then it does have to be warts and all.

I have been well aware that I am overweight for sometime and have made various half-hearted attempts to shift some of the excess.

The problem I have is that I have both a sweet tooth and love cheese which means that although my main meals are relatively healthy the bits in between are not and I do not really have a shut off valve, generally I just end up eating until I feel uncomfortable.

Anyway today I took myself off into town and went to Boots which has one of those weighing machines that also can measure your body fat.

I had already weighed myself undressed this morning at home and was 12 stone 11.5 lbs and on a weekly basis it is this weight that I will calculate weight loss from. However dressed with shoes on the Boots scales I was 13st 1lb and when I return in 9 weeks time during the week beginning 28th January 2013, it is this weight I will use for comparison. I have added an extra week because of Christmas and New Year (it will be on an 8 week or 4 week basis normally).

At 5ft 3in my BMI is currently 32.5 and needs to be between 20 and 25 to be healthy. Being realistic if I can get anywhere close to 25 I will be more than happy. More shockingly it is my bodyfat percentage that is really worrying. To be good or better it needs to be no more than 28.8 % , mine is a staggering 41.8%. My aim is to get the body fat back to 28.8% or less regardless of what my weight is.

I have also taken some measurements today:-

Bust 42.5 inch
Waist 35 inch
Widest Part which on me is just below my hips is 45.5 inches
Upper thigh 25 inch
Upper arm 14.5 inch

I will take these again at four weekly intervals the next being on Christmas Eve, so we shall hopefully see some improvement by then.

Here are some images of me in leggings and a top showing my hideous back view,front and side -

I will take photos wearing these same clothes in 9 weeks time - I do hope there will be a difference come then.

So starting today I am eating a healthy diet following the WW Pro Points plan (as I have all the bumph for this one) I can have 26 points per day plus the weekly 49 points to do what you want with. You can also include exercise points earned, but I am not going to, so hopefully this will help the weight loss efforts.

In regard to exercise I am attempting to do at least 10,000 steps a day. I am a quick walker and therefore work up a sweat quite easily with walking and should burn some calories and fat this way. In the New Year I am hoping to return to the gym when I will hopefully feel a little more able.


  1. Good luck with your weight loss.I should really do the same, let me know what you have for your 3 meals a day.I need some ideas.x

    1. Hi Claire, thanks :-). As for what I eat, well breakfast is always the same a bowl of porridge made with water and I do not have any sweetener or sugar on it. Occasionally I will add a sliced banana. I always have porridge as this is the only breakfast that sees me to lunchtime. Lunches are either things like beans on toast or with a JP, chicken salad sandwiches, soups etc. Dinners well so far this week I did chicken baked in foil with herbs, chilli flake,pepper, sliced spring onions and sliced lemon for flavour with a jacket potato and a large salad and last night we had jacket spuds again this time with a chilli mince in which I dont use tomatoes but put in a can of baked beans instead and cook slowly so that the colour develops. My meals are not particularly exciting but are filling.


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