Friday, 30 November 2012

Views from Rodborough Common and Up the Garden Path Rotation Week 1 End

I was up early this morning and after putting the recycling and bins out I sat down and finished off Eloise by Judy Finnigan. This is her first book and is basically a ghost story inspired by the early death of her friend and fellow TV presenter Caron Keating and their mutual love of Cornwall. I so wanted to love this book, having discovered lots of new authors and styles of novels through the various book clubs Judy Finnigan has been associated with. The book is not poorly written and her love of Cornwall is evident. That said I found the main character just had too much Judy in it and the fact that she kept putting book titles in as if to say I read a variety of books, was both distracting and slightly annoying. I also found the husband character a bit of a jerk. That said it was worth the read and hope her next book is a better more fulfilling read. I did so want to love it.

As it was a beautiful frosty morning here in Stroud today and as Hubby was working at home today we decided to take Lily our dog for a walk on Rodborough Common.

The above view is looking toward the River Severn, not a particularly clear view today, some days you can see quite far into Wales.

This second photo is looking toward Woodchester. I do think I am lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the UK.

Finally below is the photo of my progress on Up the Garden Path for this first week on this in my new rotations.

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