Monday, 3 December 2012

HAED Ariadne - A Non Update and a Pinflair Christmas Ornament

It had been my intention to make some good progress on HAED Ariadne this weekend in my SAL rotations. So I started on Saturday working happily away to discover I had made a mistake so ended up unpicking a whole colour block. I then started to restitch the section, but I am not as far along as I was on the photo that I posted earlier in this blog.  Hopefully in four weeks time I will have a bit more success on this project. I did learn one thing though, this project needs to be worked with my lamp both to help with the small count fabric and to distinguish between the colours of floss as they are very close.

So last night as I was a bit fed up with lack of progress, I decided to do a bit of pinning instead and in two hours I had made this Pinflair Velvetinies ornament that is below. I can only do one ornament at one session as your thumb starts to hurt with pressing the pins into the hard polystyrene.


  1. Sorry to hear Ariadne is giving you problems. I think I may have to unstitch some so I feel your pain. A lovely ornament.

    1. Thanks Lesleyanne, I am more annoyed that I had not checked it was correct before I started on it.


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