Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Stitching Plan for 2014

Hi Blogger Friends,

I am not sure if I have been brave or stupid but I have decided that 2014 on the whole will be a year concentrating on reducing my 100+ UFO's

Here is the link of projects I will be working on Stitching Plan 2014 .

It will start on Monday 6th January 2014 

I am starting each 4 week period  Mon - Fri with a smallish UFO, I then have two weeks on a larger UFO and complete the month with a card making week.

Saturdays are for my New starts for the year of which I have chosen 5 and Sundays are for the bigger UFO's. Both the new starts and the larger projects I will work on each for 4 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays. (In January there are only 3 Saturdays and Sundays from my start date).

Having had a good look through these projects I think I can complete 24 of the 42 with a possibility of a couple more if I have a good stitchy week when working on them.

Let's see if I can stick to this plan. There will be other bits of stitching on top of this like the card exchange I am involved in but this is my main focus. My biggest concern is not getting sidetracked by a new project which is why I have so many UFO's.

Bye for now

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

Lisa :-)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A couple of finishes etc....

Hi Blogger Friends,

This post will include my stitching completions since my last post.

This first completion was a UFO which I probably started about 3 years ago and had half done. I now need to  make it up into hanging ornament. The design is from an old issue of Cross Stitcher magazine.
Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler I used the recommended threads and stitched this on Crafty Kitten Spring Crocus 28ct Linen. It was a joy to stitch.

Number 7 in the Framecraft series of the Twelve Days of Christmas - it needs putting in its frame and I need to get 8 - 12 done so that I have the complete set.

I completed the Seba Designs SAL from Facebook. I stitched this using Threadworx Morning Glories on Polstitches 28ct Snowstorm Jobelan and used Mill Hill Beads in 02026.

I also finally completed Bothy Threads Gorjuss Puddles of Love. Such a sweet design and an excellent kit. It is the first time I have used Bothy Threads and all I can say is the charting is excellent and you are provided with ample thread for the project.

My Main project over the last week has been Just a Moment Welsh Garden Blackwork. Below are before and after photos

Finally in the time period since my last post I have done some work on the ornaments below
The first in the picture is a Joan Elliott design from the giveaway diary in last years WOXS magazine and the robin is part of a Cross Stitcher cover kit, supposed to be made into card but I will make up as ornament.

Last night I made a start on a Little House Needleworks chart using the last piece of the September Ltd fabric from The Crafty Kitten - the rest was used on the Lizzie Kate stockings
Below are photos of what it should look like and where I got to last night. I have changed some of the threads to ones I had in my stash.
Over the next week my main focus is to make up the ornaments I have stitched over the last year or so
The photo above shows the majority of them, but not all of them. Should be  fun.

Thanks for reading my blog I hope you like my Stitchy efforts

Bye for  now
Take care


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Stitching update

I have been very remiss with my blogging of late. This has partly been down to no longer following the stitching plan I had set out but also I just have not felt like it.

Anyway I thought I better do a post and bring my stitching pics up to date.

So here goes: -

Firstly some finishes

These are the Flora McSample Stockings by Lizzie Kate I have stitched them on a piece of Crafty Kitten opal linen - this was Sept 2013 ltd piece and was 18 x 13 to start with. I have a piece of fabric left that I can make one more ornament- so I am pleased with this. I used Anchor floss for this project.
This is a chart from issue 197 of New Stitches magazine. I have used a scrap of Polstitches opal linen (I don't know what colour it is) and Polstitches Dragonfloss in Firefly for this card insert.

I have also worked on a couple of projects since my last proper post.

This is how far I got with the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery project - I will be working on this one again next week. It is stitched using the threads the chart came with on Crafty Kitten Spring Crocus linen.

Gorjuss Puddles of Love from Bothy Threads was a UFO, I have now completed all the stitching and just have the back stitching, french knots and embellishments to add.
I also fell in love with this design from a recent issue of WOXS, it is called Scandi Sampler and I am stitching it on opal aida and it uses two reds, a pink and white thread. I love the colour. This is how far I have got to with it.

I am also working on the Seba Designs (Facebook Group) SAL below is where I have got and for once I am up to date having completed part 3 this week.
I have stitched this on a piece of Polstitches Snowstorm 28 ct Jobelan using Threadworx thread in Morning Glories and Mill Hill 02026 beads

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ornament SAL 2013 - October

This month I stitched a cute little deer which was from a cover kit from Cross Stitcher Magazine issue 272. It is meant to be made into a card, but I am going to make it into an ornament and still needs to have its little blue bow and bell attached to it.

Like all my other ornaments I have stitched this year I will be making them up in December

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Stitching Update 11th October 2013

Hi Blogger Friends,

Here is my weekly update

Saturday and Sunday

I managed to get around 4hrs stitching done on Viennese Waltz on Saturday and this project has gone from this
to this
On Sunday I worked for around 3 hrs on Argentine Tango, I did not manage longer as I had a twitchy eye which was distracting me.It went from this
to this

Then sadly the rest of my week has been a mare. I did manage to do some work on both Chrysanthemum Fairy and the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler only to have to frog the areas I had worked. Then I managed to pull a muscle in my back which has made it uncomfortable to work at my frame.

So below are the photos from last week of where I am with the other projects I am working on.

I am hoping for better progress next week.

Bye for now


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stitching Update 4th October 2013

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well this weeks posting does not have a great deal to show for it, but as I am trying to do weekly updates I am still going to post what I have managed to do over the last week.

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday, my husband, son and I  went to see my daughter to make sure she had settled into University ok. Take her out for a meal to make sure she had had one decent feed in a week and also to get her some groceries. Anyway the trip was lovely and she is doing just fine, if partying a little too much, but I am sure once the coursework has started properly that will calm down.

The downside was by the time I got back home over 7 hrs later I had a stonking headache and was therefore unable to stitch. Sunday I wasn't feeling much better so I chose not to stitch. Hence my Argentine Tango and Viennese Waltz are at the same stage they were in my previous post.
Hopefully I will achieve more this coming week

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Well to start with I only managed to work on Chrysanthemum Fairy on two of the days and did about 4.5 hrs work on her.
Here she is as of last week
and here she is now

I apologise for the lack of clarity in this photo but my digicam battery keeps dying and so this was taken on my phone.


The highlight of my week I finally completed How Does Your Garden Grow by Papillon Creations a lovely speciality stitch sampler. The fabric used was 28ct Monaco in Summer Glade by Enchanted Fabrics. I used all DMC Color Variations and Mill Hill Beads in the multi color pack you can buy.

With  this completed I have decided to put the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler as my Wednesday project.

Below is where I got to last week with this when I was doing as and when I had a spare moment
And this is where I got to this week

again apologies phone photo


Last week I started on Welsh Garden by Just a Moment, the third garden in the series.
This is where I got to last week
and this is where I am at now
as you can see I finished the centre part of the design. I did not manage to do anymore as I was exhausted having been awake from 1.30 am

Other Stitching

I also started a knitted garter stitch scarf using the lovely Rico Creative Reflection yarn in pastel. I was originally going to do a lacy stitch wrap, but the yarn is a little fiddly so I decided to go with something a lot simpler. Below is my progress

I also stitched this little heart from Thread Pickerz Silkz using Autumn Equinox silk thread
Well that's it for this week folks, I am hoping to be a little more productive in the coming week.

Take care


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Stitching Update 27th September 2013

Hi Blogger Friends

This week has seen a major change at home my daughter has left for University, it is going to be very quiet and a lot tidier with her not at home. I hope she enjoys her three years studying for a BSc in Geography with Natural Hazards

Below is this weeks update on my Works in Progress

Saturday and Sunday

Argentine Tango went from this

to this

Viennese Waltz went from this
 to this
Only a couple hours worked on this but I had had a marathon stitching session the  previous day and my hand was hurting. Hope for better progress next week.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Chrysanthemum Fairy went from this
to this

I wanted to get at least 10 hours work done on Chrysanthemum Fairy this week. I managed to do just over 7 hours.


How Does Your Garden Grow went from this
 to this
I completed all the stitching and just have part 6 - 12 to bead, so hopefully will be a finish next week.


Scottish Garden went from this
 to this
I finished it - Happy Dance Woo Hoo :-)
I also started the next in the series Welsh Garden, below are photos of what it will look like when complete and my progress

Other Stitching

Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery went from this 
to this

This project I aimed to do an hour each day which I did manage to do and I am very pleased that I have completed Part One.

I also continued with the Framecraft 12 Days of Christmas ornaments and managed to finish 6 geese a-laying.

On the whole very pleased with yet another productive stitching week.
Well that is it for this week.

Bye for now


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