Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crazy Challenges 2013 - Day Four

2013 Crazy January Challenge

This is the project that I have chose to work on. It was in The Gift of Stitching magazine and is designed by Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery.

This is where I got to with the project. I am using Carrie's Creations thread and a piece of Polstitches Jobelan that I got from a grab bag.

I managed to complete all the wording in the time I had available to work on this project and am pleased with how it looks so far.

CrosstitchCrazy 2013

This project I saw linked in a Facebook group the other day. It is a complimentary design from Designs by Lisa. I really like the wording on this project so decided to add it to my Crazy Challenges.

This is how much I got done. I have used a pale bluey beige/ white piece of Polstitches Linen again from grab bag so I don't know which colour it is. I am using Carrie's Creations threads which the lettering is in and also GAST and DMC Color Variations.

Hearts and Stitches FB Group Birthday Cards and Floss

I received another two cards and floss today from this friendly small FB group. I received the Pooh card from Stephanie Slack with two skeins of Carrie's Creations floss, she must have known I love purple pansies (my favourite flowers) and the Cross Stitched card is from Tracey Fox this came with the metallic thread.

As you can probably tell from this post I have finally worked out how to put pictures to left/right and the text alongside. About time !!!! I really am a techno numpty :-)


  1. Great starts so far Lisa. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to next!

    As for the working out how to put text next to your pics, sometimes I fluke it but I'm a straight down the centre of the page girl myself! LOL

  2. Great new starts. Lovely gifts received.

  3. Lovely starts Lisa. I'm stitching the Beth Twist design soon. Love the other one too. Think I might have to get that one.

    Lovely gifts.

    1. Thanks Sally, When I decided to do the challenge I knew there were quite a lot of nice smallish designs in TGOSM and so printed out a few.


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