Monday, 7 January 2013

Crazy Challenges 2013 - Day Six

2013 Crazy January Challenge

Today I picked a big one Sabrina from Mirabilia.

This is what she should look like when complete but on the Pink fabric which is Polstitches 32ct Jobelan in Starburst. Having got the floss ready I have noticed that a couple of the pinks for the flowers may blend too much into the fabric and so when I get to them I may  have to select some floss a couple of shades darker.

This is the progress I made, loving this one already :-)

CrosstitchCrazy 2013

I picked a small Lanarte kit for this challenge. I have had it in my stash for sometime being gifted it in and exchange some years ago.

This is what the finished stitching should look like.

This is the little amount of stitching I got done on this one, but a start is a start !!


  1. I love the Mirabilia you choose. I really like that chart, she is so pretty. The rose chart is lovely too. Great progress!


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