Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WIP/ UFO Challenge 2013 - How Does Your Garden Grow

WIP/UFO Challenge 2013

As I have decided not to start back on my rotations until the 21st January and I have completed the starts in my Crazy Challenges this has left me time to progress the projects I have selected in my WIP/UFO Challenge.

So the first project in the WIP/UFO Challenge is How Does Your Garden Grow by Papillion Creations I am using DMC Color Variations for all the stitching in the following shades 4090, 4110, 4200, 4215 for the floral colours and 4045 and 4060 for the greens and Mill Hill Pot Pourri 00777 bead pack for the beading. All beading has been done on Parts 1 - 3. The photograph below shows parts 1 - 8 and Part 9 part worked.

I completed part 9 minus the beading section and also completed the first half of Part 10 which is the area down the left side. I really have enjoyed working on this design and trying out all the different speciality stitches.

I know the fabric looks quite yellow in this photo but to get a good colours for the stitching I had to use my stitching lamp to help in taking the photo. When I next work on this I will try and get a daylight photo.

The fabric is Enchanted Fabrics Summer Glade 28ct Monaco.

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Today I received a card and floss from Heather Doherty


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