Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Change of Plans until Easter Monday (hopefully !! )

I have got into a bit of a stitching fug these last few days and the thought of working rotations just did not appeal. I want to see a project grow and get completed. The last and only real time I have done this was when I stitched Joan Elliott's Spring Fairy in 36 days back in 2009.

So I have decided I am going to try and do the same again. I have just over 33 days until Easter Monday so I might be pushing it, but I will give it a go.

For this little motivation challenge I have chosen another Joan Elliott project this time I am doing Chrysanthemum Fairy from the Flower Fairies series  that were in Cross Stitch Collection magazine.

I am using the recommended floss but have changed the fabric to Polstitches Tiger Lily 28ct Jobelan as I wanted a warmer look to the finished piece. Below are pictures of the fabric with the finished pic and my floss sorted and then a photo of my first hours work. I will be updating every day I stitch on her so hopefully my blog will see a true record of a project, not my usual jumping around with projects.


  1. Good luck! I bet you can do it. She's going to be lovely on that fantastic fabric!

  2. What a great fabric chose. I love it and the progress you have made. I will be cheering you on. Go girl!!! You can do it.


  3. I'll be cheering you on every day! The fabric is gorgeous! You have a great start in one hour!

  4. Great start. Look forward to seeing your progress.


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