Monday, 25 February 2013

Leek and Potato Soup with a Kick

Inspired by Wilma's World who posted a recipe for Leek,Potato and Carrot Soup

Wilma's Leek, Potato and Carrot Soup

I thought I would post my recipe for plain old Leek and Potato with a Kick which I had for lunch today.

30 g  Butter
1 Garlic clove , finely chopped
A good pinch of Chilli Flakes
1 small onion finely chopped
1 large leek sliced
2 medium potatoes (fist sized) diced
450 ml Vegetable Stock made with 1 stock cube, I use Knorr reduced salt ones
1/2 cup 1% milk

Melt butter in a saucepan and cook garlic, chilli, onion, leek and potatoes for 5 mins. Pour in stock, bring to the boil and simmer covered for 30 mins.

Then add the 1/2 cup 1% milk and let heat through. Using a blender or blender stick puree and season to taste.

Serves 2

This is my adaptation of a recipe that is from The Really Useful Student Cook Book by Silvana Franco.

In my opinion it is delicious, I am going to try it soon by halving the fat content and also trying it with oil not butter as 30 g is about 2 level tablespoons which in my  mind is quite a lot. However reducing the fat might make it taste less good.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comments about my soup! Your soup is very similar, minus the carrots and spice. I think I'd like your version, but hubby doesn't do 'kick' to his food, LOL

  2. You are welcome Wilma, I don't like too much heat which is why I use chilli flake and not a fresh chilli as is in the original recipe, but it does make it warming. I find this soup very comforting and it must be quite nice as it is the only soup I have made so far that I can eat without bread, which when you are trying to lose weight is a good thing.


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