Friday, 22 February 2013

Queen of the Fairies - Update 2

This weeks main rotation piece is the beautiful Passione Ricamo design Queen of the Fairies. Below are before and after photos of my progress. You will  notice there is a strand of thread sticking out on the left handside of the photo, this was where I left off last time and I know there is an error there. As I have done rather too much frogging of late on my stitching projects I decided to work on another area of the design and then work back toward the error. If it isn't too obvious when I get there I may just fudge it as all the colours are quite close. Clearly if it is majorly out I will frog. Back to this week though, I am really pleased with the progress made even though it was only about 5 hrs work. The Chestnut 32ct Jobelan is just gorgeous, one of my favourites from Polstitches

The top photo shows the fabric off more accurately.


  1. She's beautiful...hopefully you won't have to frog!

    1. Yes I do hope so and unless it is where the gold thread runs I will probably be able to get away with not frogging.

  2. What a great design. You got a lot done.


  3. Lovely stitching. Great progress.

  4. The Queen of the Fairies is gorgeous! Great stitching, Lisa!


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