Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine Exchange

I am a member of a group on Facebook called Hearts and Stitches. We send each other birthday cards and gifts of floss etc. We are a small group and as there are no birthdays in February we decided to have a Valentine exchange where we were paired up. I was given Stephanie as my exchange partner and I decided to stitch her the February design from the Stitchers Diary 2012 which contained Margaret Sherry designs. February is a cat with lots of hearts. I stitched it on piece of Aida hand dyed from Polstitches. This piece is from a grab bag so I cannot tell you its name. I then got some heart design fat quarters from Ebay with which to back it. As it is quite a large design I was a little unsure as to whether I would make it into small cushion or a hanging ornament. Because the whole design is stitched it did take me a little longer than I had anticipated I am really pleased with the result. In the end I decided to have my first attempt at making a pin keep style ornament.

From the photo below you can see that although it looks ok, it is not quite centred over the mountboard. I also managed to put the lovely backing fabric on sideways as the mountboards were not true squares. That said I am pleased with this first attempt.

Below is the pretty backing fabric I used how it should have looked on the back

In the second photo you can see the other goodies I sent to Stephanie, I hope she likes them.

I received a lot of stash from Pia Whitaker in this exchange see below. Pia was unable to stitch something for this exchange due to difficult personal circumstances, but she overwhelmed me with her generosity and clearly has paid attention to things I have expressed a like for on Facebook. I am so very grateful to her.


  1. Margaret Sherry's kitties are so cute...great finish!

  2. What an awesome idea! I love your Margaret Sherry piece and what a lovely gift you got from Pia :D

  3. Your MS piece is gorgeous Lisa. I love the backing fabric. Great gift from Pia.

  4. Your Margaret Sherry kitty is so cute! You really did a lot of stitching on that one. The backing fabric is perfect for a Valentine's gift.


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