Saturday, 9 March 2013

Scarf finished and a start on Little Sheep Virtues - Hope

Another day where I did not get any work done on Chrysanthemum Fairy as I wanted to complete my scarf which I managed to do. It is  not as long as I thought it would be but it is super soft and very colourful.

I have twisted the scarf so that you can see both the right and wrong sides of the knitting.

Later in the day I was too tired to get my frame out and start working on the fairy so finally made a start on the first in the Little Sheep Virtues Series - Hope from Little House Needleworks. I am using the recommended DMC floss and  Cashel Linen, I think it is the natural shade, it was only labelled Cashel on the bag it was in no shade name and  I have enough to do all 12 on this fabric.


  1. I'm happy I'm not the only person who is just starting on the Little Sheep Virtues. I'm also going to stitch all of them together on one fabric cut. You're off to a good start! Can't wait to see the progress.

  2. Hi Kevin, I am stitching them all on the same fabric but I am cutting it into twelve and will either frame them as 12 individual pics or make them into ornaments I will wait and see what they all look like. I was in no hurry to start on this series as I cannot get No 2 until after Lent as I have given up Stash Adding this year alongside the Chocolate which I try and do every year :-)

  3. Very pretty scarf you've knit!! I look forward to seeing all of your Virtues as you stitch them :)

  4. Lovely scarf. Great new start on your LHN.

  5. Lovely scarf Lisa.

    Nice start on the first little sheep.


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