Monday, 1 July 2013

52 Weeks - 52 Things Plus a Stitching Update

Hi Blogger Friends

I think this idea was originally part of something called the Happiness Project and since discovering it and googling I have found lots of different people doing a version of this, and in fact there is a book coming out in August by two ladies who did it for a year. However I  found this on the Kincavel Korner that is written by my stitchy friend and designer Lady Kell and it is from her blog posts that I have devised my own 52 things. I did ask her if she minded if I borrowed some of her ideas  which she said was ok.

Most people I think start this in January, but I do not want to wait until 2014 so I am beginning mine today the 1st July 2013 and it will end on the 30th June 2014 - 52 weeks.

1st July 2013 - 30th June 2014


1. Read 52 Fiction Books (No Purchasing, so from Library, Bookcase or Kindle)
2. 6 Classic Novels (can be part of 1.)
3. 10 Kindle Freebies (can be part of 1.)
4. 12 Non Fiction Books (in addition to 1.)
5. 12 Unabridged Audio Books (in addition to 1.)
6. Read the Bible


7. Watch 12 Films I have never seen before
8. Watch 12 Disney or similar animated films
9. Listen to at least 1 Spoken Word radio programme per week
10. Listen to 1 classical radio programme per week
11. Watch 1 TV programme that I would not normally choose to view
12. 1 Day per week free of TV and Radio
13. 1 Day per week free of Social Media e.g Facebook
14. No more than 1 hr per day spent on Social media on the remaining 6 days


15. No Cross Stitch Stash adding - can only buy replacement threads for projects already started or gifts received for Christmas/Birthday
16. Complete 13 UFO's in 52 Weeks
17. Sell or Donate to Charity stash I will not use
18. No Magazine purchasing other than the 2 I already receive through subscription
19. Complete Crochet Lap Blanket
20. Do at least 2 Granny Square per week
21.Knit a complete cat blanket for Battersea
22. Do at least 3 charity cross stitch projects in 52 weeks
23. Plan and design a cross stitch sampler for me
24. Try and learn to become proficient at another craft not already  listed


25. One Vegetarian Day per week
26. One New Recipe per week
27. Try a new food to me once a month
28. Stick to a meal plan each week
29. Stick to a set grocery budget £125 per week for a family of four adults
30. No more than 1 take away and 1 eating out per month (apart from if we are on holiday)


31. Spend at least 1hr per day in garden tidying sorting etc during good weather and 1/2 an hour per day during the winter months
32. Grow something from scratch


33. Weigh myself in Boots once a month to get a body fat measurement
34. Give up eating 114g Galaxy Chocolate (this has to be specific as it is the only chocolate bars that I eat)
35. 10,000 steps per day at least 5 days per week
36. Drink 8 glasses of water per day or 2 litres
37. Do part of the 5 Valleys Walk in September
38. Go Swimming at least once a month and buy a new swimsuit that has bust support !!!


39. Save £2 coins
40. Empty Shrapnel from purse once a week
41. Turn off lights, power points, tumble dry only when necessary, to reduce our energy bills


42. Learn to feel confident driving Simon's car at least once a week
43. Stop Biting Nails and once grown get a manicure
44. Go to Gloucester or Cheltenham at least once a month on the bus
45. Learn Shorthand
46. Improve Handwriting
47. Have a go at Journaling
48. Get a Part time Job
49. Declutter - follow the principle of one thing in, one thing out
50. Visit 12 Places I have not been to before
51. Do some Voluntary Work
52. Keep Loubie's Lot blog up to date, at least once a week

For each challenge I complete will add £5 to my money box :-)


Below is this weeks progress on the Polstitches Pixie SAL - Pansy. I did the 6 hr requirement for this week all in one day. I must be mad, but I have now done a total of 25 hrs on this project and I love how she is coming along.

On Friday I found a lovely free chart via Pinterest from  The Snowflower Diaries
called You Are So Loved. On Saturday evening at 5.30pm I sat down and started stitching it and by 9.30pm I had finished it. I used 28ct Polstitches Peaches and Cream Jobelan and Carrie's Creations threads : - Cajun Coffee, Caribou Hyde, Gold, Moonshadow, Toasted Marshmallow, Teal Mist and Desert Bloom. Below is the result
I have also done another Granny Square using Stylecraft DK yarn and a couple of rounds on my Crochet Lap Blanket using Sirdar Crofter DK.

Bye for now



  1. Wow, what a long list of things to do, good luck with them.
    Lovely finish and your Pixie is looking beautiful.
    Great crochet too.
    Have a good week (:

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love your list of things to do....I'm tempted to do one for myself! Good luck with all your goals.

  3. Lovely stitching. Good luck with your challenge.


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