Monday, 22 July 2013

52 Weeks - 52 Things Week 3 plus Stitching Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

This week I went back to my Mum's on the Isle of Wight with my family and dog for a short break and also to scatter my Dad's ashes.

This will be a photo heavy post as I want to include some photo's of my time away. I will then move on to the challenges and stitching update.

We had a pleasant journey down from Gloucestershire and in an air conditioned car did not realise how warm it was outside. As we arrived too early to get the ferry we had booked on we had to go and park up in the nearby park to the ferry terminal. We got out and the heat really hit us it was 31.7 centigrade.

Tom and Hannah enjoying an Ice Cream in the first photo and Simon given Lily a little to help her cool down.
Simon and Hannah enjoying  pint on the boat with Lily
Just a photo of a nice boat we passed on our way to the Isle of Wight
And the sight that I am nearly home. It is apparently the largest Union Flag in the world, not sure if that is true or not, but it is big.

So whilst at home I went swimming in the sea for the first time in at least 13 years. Now I will be honest it was cold at first, but I took about 20 minutes getting used to it and finally got my shoulders under.

Tom just sat quietly, me drying off and then Tom finally going for a swim.

Whilst on the beach I did my usual thing of collecting beach/sea glass, shells and interesting bits and pieces. I found a lucky stone that is one where the sea has made a hole through it. Below is my little bag of beach treasure.

Whilst at my Mum's because of the heat and having the windows open there were an array of moths in the house. The one below I believe is a Common Emerald Moth, but to see them green is quite unusual as apparently the colour fades quickly.
We went down to Cowes Seafront as usual when we come home

Me looking ginormous with Tom and Hannah

Our main reason for coming home was to go and scatter my Dad's ashes which we did on Sunday at a place known as Gypsies Hollow near Calbourne. Below are photos of the view from the Top of the Hollow and then us actually in the hollow.

It was a fitting last resting place for my Dad and he certainly had the last laugh as it was quite a hike up to it. Thankfully my cousin had a 4x4 and was able to drive the more elderly members of the party up.

Sunday was my last day on the Island for this visit and in the evening we went to the Cricket Club to play bingo. I won a line and a house. My winnings total was £10.50 I seem to be lucky here as that is twice this year I have gone to play bingo and won. The photo below is of me and Tom my son at the bingo club.



I still have not purchased any new books (3/52)

As I was on holiday I did not take my library book The Summer Queen which I started last week, I took my Kindle instead and started reading The Light Between Oceans by M L Steadman. I managed to get about a 1/3rd of the way through this as I was quite tired by bedtime which is when I was reading it and only managed a chapter most nights. So far it is very good.

I have continued reading from The Bible every day (3/52)


We went and watched the Disney animated film (1/12) Monsters University. I really enjoyed it. I thought it very clever how they covered all the social groupings that seem to be present at University. In fact we all enjoyed it which is a rarity these days.

On Sunday I watched no TV (1/52) listened to no radio (1/52) and did not go on Social Media (3/52)

I did not manage to listen to a spoken word radio programme other than the local Radio Solent morning show and I did not listen to any classical music either. On the days when I was on Social Media I did not limit it to 1hr a day.


I still have not purchased any new stash (3/52)
I have not purchased any magazines, although my husband did buy me one. However, I did not ask for it and therefore as far as I am concerned I have kept my part of this challenge. That said it was gratefully received (3/52)
I crocheted 3 granny squares - photo below  in stitching update.


As I was on holiday neither of these challenges took place.


Still not eaten chocolate - 21 days (3/52)
Did my 10,000 steps on at least 5 days (3/52)
Continued to drink 8 glasses of water per day (3/52)
Go Swimming at least once per month (1/12) see photo above


I have added £10 in £2 coins this week so the total saved is now £38
Shrapnel added was £1.84 with the help of my daughter giving me her spare change. So total shrapnel now saved is £3.27


Still not bitten my nails (3/52)
I have continued to journal each day (3/52)
And I have continued to keep Loubie's Lot up to date (3/52)


I did three Granny Squares this week

I finished my July's ornament for the Ornament SAL 2013. The link for the freebie chart is in my last post.

For the rest of my time away I worked on another freebie design from Le Chalet des Perelles which can be found here Love is in the Air, I stitched it on Gingerbread 28ct Opal Cashel Linen from Sparklies

Well that is it for this time

Bye for now



  1. Sounds like it was an enjoyable weekend, I realise it must have had it's sad moments, but you Dad is now resting in a beautiful place and I'm sure he'd be pleased you made the trip. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    You are doing really well with your challenges, keep up the good work :)

    I love the small finishes, they look lovely!

  2. Enjoyed reading your post, and seeing the pictures. A bittersweet time for you...

    Love that green moth...awesome!

    1. Thank you Wilma, and yes the moth was great had not seen one of those before.

  3. Great post Lisa. Loved all the pictures. Pretty stitching.


  4. Lovely pictures. You are doing well with your challenges.

  5. Lovely post full of pictures! Beautiful resting spot for your Dad's ashes. Very peaceful :)
    Love your stitching on Love is in the air! I've stitched this one too on white fabric & it doesn't look as good :) Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed stitching Love is in the Air and the fabric was gorgeous.

  6. Wonderful Pictures. I am busy working on my challenges to start in August - you have inspired me even more now as I can see you are really keeping up on them

    1. Thank you Melinda. I look forward to reading your challenges and seeing how you get on. :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing the family photos. Your freebie stitching is beautiful and thank you for the links!

    1. Thank you Debbie and glad you liked the links :-)

  8. Lovely pics. Your stitching looks great.

  9. Nice stitching! Yo Ho Ho Ho is on my stitching to-do list too.

  10. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them!
    That ornament is too cute!!
    Keep up the good work with all of your challenges.


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