Tuesday, 13 August 2013

52 Weeks - 52 Things Week 6 plus Stitching Update.

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well firstly, I am a day late with my update, I was too tired yesterday to sort it all out, but here it is now.

52 Weeks - 52 Things Week 6


I still have not purchased any books (6/52)

From the books I was reading I abandoned Gone Girl for the time being, I just could not get into it and it was a library loan that did not have long left on its issue, so I will probably try this one again later in the year.

I finished reading A Light Between Oceans (2/52) and continued reading Virgin Widow.

I also finished reading the Non Fiction book the 5:2 Diet (3/12). I will not be following this diet but it was an interesting read.

I continued listening to Dragonfly in Amber as my audio book. As it is very long I will probably be listening to it for a few weeks yet.

In the last week I have started reading three books. Firstly A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths. This is the fourth book in a series about a forensic archaeologist called Ruth Galloway. They are crime novels and I have read the previous three which I enjoyed, so I am hopeful I will enjoy this one too.

I also started the first book in a trilogy of young adult novels called Switched by Amanda Hocking. This book I purchased last year because I liked the cover art. Well so far I am enjoying it and comparing to the only other series of young adult books I have read that would be Twilight, at least I am able to engage with the main character I really did not care for Bella in Twilight, whereas Wendy so far hasn't annoyed me.

Finally I have started one of my Kindle freebie downloads and this one is called Ravenscraig by Sandi Krawchenko Altner.

I have continued to read the Bible every day (6/52)


Another week where I have not managed to achieve any of my challenges. I also stated last week that I was going Facebook free from the 12th August, well it will actually be from 1st September until 1st November as I have a few things I am involved with on Facebook and need to see them through before I can disappear for a couple of months.


Still have not added to my Cross Stitch stash - (6/52)

No Magazines purchased (6/52)

Did 3 Granny Squares (in Stitching Update)


Vegetarian day was Friday (5/52)


Well this challenge seems non existent. I did manage an hour in the garden this week end mowing and just tidying up, but my plan to actually make something of my garden isn't happening as yet.


I lost 6.2lbs in the last week, so I am really quite pleased with that, a little closer to my first target weight of 167lbs.

No Chocolate (6/52)
8 Glasses of Water per day (6/52)


My nails are still not bitten (6/52)
I have journaled every day (6/52)
I have decluttered my stash and now have sorted out what I am going to sell and what I will give away or dump.
I have kept Loubie's Lot up to date with at least a weekly post, I think this is the third in the last week (6/52)

Stitching Update

I finished my final card in the FWC Card Exchange, below is the result
On Friday night I returned to my Scottish Garden Blackwork project and below is where I got to
I got a couple of hours work done on Pansy Pixie, I am still hopeful that I will get her completed before the end of August 2013.
I also dragged out the Historic Forest Sampler by New Stitches from my UFO pile. Below are my starting point and where I am after two evenings working on it. Really enjoying doing this one as there are lots of blocks of colour, so it makes for easier stitching.

And finally here are the three Granny squares I have crocheted in the last week
Well that is is for this weeks update. I am now working on my stitching plan and as you can probably tell I have already added an extra project to this as I will continue to work on Historic Forest when I do not feel like working on the other projects I listed in the Stitching Plan I posted last week.

Bye for now



  1. Congrats for doing so well!

  2. Great stitching...the card is cute! I love the colors in the pansy fairy.

  3. I'm speechless!! I love all those works!

  4. You are doing really well with your challenge. Your stitching is lovely. I think Pixie will be finished soon.


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