Sunday, 8 September 2013

Stitching Update 6th September 2013

Hi Blogger Friends

Below you will find this week Stitching update

.So I have now established my stitching schedule for the coming weeks.

Saturday and Sunday

Every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas  I will be working on Viennese Waltz or Argentine Tango by John Clayton for Heritage Crafts. As there are still 16 Saturdays and Sundays to go  I may even complete these by then.

Below are photos of my starting points, followed by where I got to.
 This is after 4 hrs stitching.My stitching involved frogging the area which is the arm. This is stitched in a blend of white and skin tone. I had previously stitched it in lilac and skin tone (see 1st photo). It was an easy mistake to make as one has this / symbol the other \ that symbol. So I would say I probably spent 1/2 hr frogging and restitching that section. That said I am pleased with my progress.

I managed to do 3 hrs stitching on Argentine Tango and again I am pleased with my progress.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

On these days I will be working on Joan Elliott's Chrysanthemum Fairy and I will continue on this piece until it is completed. Hopefully sometime this autumn.
 I did not manage to get a great amount of time worked on this project, mainly a couple of hours on Monday and Thursday and nothing on the Tuesday. I am hoping for better things next week. So here is where I am now at with Chrysanthemum Fairy


How Does Your Garden Grow
From this - to this
and a close up of Part 11


Scottish Garden
From this - to this
So this is all the stitching I have managed over the last week. On the whole I am pleased with the progress I am making.

As for my challenges well they  have sort of died a death, but I did manage them for a few weeks and that is something. Who knows perhaps in January I will revive them.

Bye for now



  1. Great progress on your wips. I do kove the John Clayton ones. Look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Wow everything looks great. I too love the John Clayton ones. They look fab. I think they will have to go one my wish list.

  3. Beautiful stitching, looking forward to seeing them grow!

  4. Great progress on all your projects Lisa. I really like the John Clayton ones.


  5. Awesome stitching. Sounds as if you have a wonderful plan to finish off the year, Fingers Crossed all goes well

  6. The dancing pictures are so beautiful!


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