Saturday, 12 October 2013

Stitching Update 11th October 2013

Hi Blogger Friends,

Here is my weekly update

Saturday and Sunday

I managed to get around 4hrs stitching done on Viennese Waltz on Saturday and this project has gone from this
to this
On Sunday I worked for around 3 hrs on Argentine Tango, I did not manage longer as I had a twitchy eye which was distracting me.It went from this
to this

Then sadly the rest of my week has been a mare. I did manage to do some work on both Chrysanthemum Fairy and the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler only to have to frog the areas I had worked. Then I managed to pull a muscle in my back which has made it uncomfortable to work at my frame.

So below are the photos from last week of where I am with the other projects I am working on.

I am hoping for better progress next week.

Bye for now



  1. Everything looks great Lisa.


  2. Lovely stitching. Sorry you have been in pain this week. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Lovely stitching, I love your progress on the Clayton kits


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