Monday, 20 January 2014

Stitching Plan Week 2 - 2014

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well this week saw me lose two stitching days. I had to go to the hospital to have my left eye looked at with the view to having a couple of eyelashes removed that are growing down onto the eye due to me having had a mole partially removed about 16 years ago. So basically I got myself in a state the day before going to hospital and was so physically drained after the visit that I did no stitching for those two days. The result of the visit, as my eye wasn't currently irritated/infected which was the reason I went to doctors in the first place I will now go to a different hospital at the end of February to have the offending eyelashes removed by electrolysis and no doubt will get myself in a tizzy then too !

So below is what I have achieved

This weeks main project was Jane Greenoff's Elizabethan Sampler. I believe this is my oldest UFO having purchased and started it somewhere around the late 1990's.

This was my starting point
and this is my progress
I managed 8 hrs stitching this week I am pleased with my progress.

On Saturday I returned to working  on Peacock

My starting point this week was this
This is where I am at now

On Sunday I stitched again on Winter sunset below was my starting point
and here is where I got to
So these were my main projects for the week.

I also did some work on my charity square project for SFPSFC which I need to get finished and sent to them before April. I am stitching a Bambi below is my starting point and where I got to this week

This week I also sorted out what I am doing for my first project in this years Cross Stitch Smalls SAL 2014. I chose The Sampler Girl Christmas Ornament from the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine. I am stitching it on a grab bag piece of linen from Crafty Kitten and am using floss I had in my stash plus the recommended DMC threads. Below is a photo of the project floss and fabric and then where I have got to this week.
Finally I continued with my outlining on the FWC RR that I need to get ready by the end of this coming week. Below is my progress

After completing my second week on my Stitching Plan for 2014 I have made a decision. As usual I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Also my main aim for setting up a Stitching Plan was to reduce my UFO pile and also have more completions. With this in mind I am now going to do the following:-

Week 1 = Small Project UFO's as in album

Weeks 2 and 3 = Larger UFO currently this is Elizabethan Sampler and I will now continue with this each 2 +3 week until completed.

Week 4 = Cards as in album plus a general catch-up.

Saturdays New Start will be Peacock until completed
Sundays BAP will be Winter Sunset until completed

I will then move on to the next projects on the Stitching Plan list. Anything I do not get to this year I will move to next. My overall aim is not to have bags and boxes filled with half finished projects so I think this will be far more effective.

Well that's it for this week.

Bye for now



  1. Lovely progress and starts Lisa.

    Glad you're getting your eye sorted.

  2. Good luck with your new plan. Your stitching looks gorgeous. I hope you get on okay with the eye doctor. My husband has had a similar procedure.

  3. Wow Lisa. You made wonderful progress on all your projects.


  4. I can't wait to see your progress on the Peacock. What a great design and I love the colors!
    I need to make a stitching plan like you. Maybe I would get more done.


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