Monday, 3 February 2014

Stitching Plan Week 4 - 2014

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well firstly I am getting my post in on time this week.

So being Week 4 this meant my main project was a Card. The cards I intend to do in the 4th week of the month are by Lesley Teare and feature birds
This week I decided to do the one top right of this photo and I believe it is a Blue Tit
And I am very pleased with the result - it took me approx 9 hrs to stitch.

Saturday saw me working on Peacock another design by Lesley Teare
It went from this
to this
As you can see I completed part of a leaf and got a bunch of grapes stitched. I am pleased with this weeks progress.

Sunday I returned to working on Winter Sunset which went from this
The colours I was stitching with are quite pale but I think you can see that I did get quite a bit done.

I received not one but two round robins on Tuesday and I started work on the first one. The theme for this robin is US State Flowers Texas to Wyoming and I chose to stitch Wyoming. Below is my progress as of Sunday 2nd February.
I still need to add the Flower names in both English and Latin and also do the back stitching which will be done today ready for posting on tomorrow. I will then get the second robin done which is a bell pull type project that will not take very long to do.

This week I was once again got a bit distracted by Crochet. I have finally learnt to work in rows and can now at some stage attempt a row blanket.
So this was my first attempt and I am really pleased with it.

I then learnt how to do a Daisy Granny square via the links at Tillie Tulip Blog How to make a Daisy. If you look at the link at the bottom of the page it gives you another link at adding more rounds which I also used to create this
I then made another with a green outer round and then learnt another technique, this time joining squares using Single Crochet.

My little post it notes fit in it really well.

I then made a further 12 of these using white fleck yarn as the final round. As I do not have a great deal of this yarn I will make these eventually into a scarf.
The above photo is of the first 6 that I made on Friday, I made a further 5 on Saturday and one more on Sunday. I now have to sew in all the ends and join them together.

I really love this pattern as for me it is a much neater finish than when I do a traditional granny square.

This week I also received some stitching goodies
The above two photos are of my order of The Silk Mill silks for my Snooty Parrots Sampler project which I intend to do once Peacock is completed. I will be stitching it on 40ct Newcastle over 2. I was really impressed with the prompt delivery from France and the fabulous packaging and the free Thread Heaven. As long as I don't struggle using the silk, I don't think it will be my last order. Below is a photo of what Snooty Parrots should look like. The original is not done in these silks so mine will be a little different.
Back in December I entered a giveaway with New Stitches magazine for some scissors. Now anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing for scissors you cannot have enough pairs. So I was delighted the same day that the silk arrived so did these
Not only did I receive stitching goodies I also got 10 Yankee Candle votives in the same post, these include the 5 new Q1 fragrances for the UK market. I tend to get votives as if you don't like the smell you have not wasted too much money. Typically I am not keen on vanilla based ones but I saw one called Sandalwood Vanilla and thought I would give it a go and it is lovely.

Well I think that's it for this week. Until next time ....

Bye for now



  1. I love the progress that you have made on Winter Sunset. What a great design!

    1. Thank you Mary - I am beginning to love it too. When I started you could not really see what it was going to be but I think it is now taking shape.

  2. Wonderful update Lisa. Love all your projects.


  3. Lovely stitching and finishing. Lovely new stash.


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