Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Still Here

Hi Blogger Friends,

I have just realised that it is more than two months since I posted anything on my blog.

I am going to try and return to at least a regular weekly update, if not for anything else but so that I have a record of what I have been doing with my time.

This post will just contain my stitching updates. One of the reasons I have not posted very often is since my last post I have had an eye problem which was eventually diagnosed as a ulcer on the eye. It seems to be healing now and so I am doing a little more but not as much as I would like.

The majority of my finishes have been card inserts
 This Mother's Day card was started in 2013 but I ran out of time so sent a bought card last year. My mother finally got this one this year. I believe the chart is from an old issue of Cross Stitch Collection magazine.

 I finally finished this Winter Humbug by Just Nan. I love how it has turned out and I do have the chart and embellishment packs for the other three seasons in my stash, so hopefully will get around to doing those at some stage.

 In April I rejoined the ATC group on Facebook. I stitched two themes Easter and Number 1. As of today only the Easter one has been received by its new owner so I am only posting that photo today.
Below are the two I received

I love them both and had forgotten what fun it is to stitch smaller designs. I am not taking part in May due to not being able to find charts for the two selected themes, but hope to do the one in June.

 This Flower in a Teacup was stitched as part of my FWC Round Robin that I am currently in. This piece on plastic canvas will end up back in the USA eventually.

 The above 5 card inserts are a result of me being very taken with the Masterclass in Issue 254 of Mary Hickmott's New Stitches Magazine. The idea is that you do the satin stitch in a variegated thread and then the flower section in regular floss. I really loved these and they are quick stitches but very effective in my opinion

 This was a little freebie kit I had with one of the magazines I think Cross Stitch Crazy it will be made into a card eventually.

And my final finish since March is this cover kit from Cross Stitch Card Shop.

Below is my progress on Japanese Gold, still not finished but I am aiming to complete it in June
Sorry the photo is poor as the fabric is really white but you get the idea of where I am with this
This is where I am with Save the Stitches Black Work SAL. I intend to work on this on Wednesday from June 1st 2014.

Lastly in this cross stitching bit I made a new start on a Joan Elliott design the Proverbs Sampler

I am stitching it on Polstitches 28ct Heirloom linen using DMC thread. This is as far as I have got.

Finally I am still doing crochet and my Granny Stripe is slowly growing below is how it looks at the moment

So that's all for now I will try my best to do a weekly post from now on

Bye for now


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