Sunday, 16 November 2014

5 Months since last I posted - How time flies

Hi Blogger Friends,

It has been a long time since I last posted on my blog. The main reason for lack of posting was we have had a few computer problems and also I could not remember password and then could not work out how to retrieve it. Anyway I finally sussed it out and I am now back in the Blogasphere.

As always I will endeavour to blog more regularly from now on.

This post will just be some of my updates on crafty things.

These are the first two of 6 designs by Lesley Teare that were in Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue 97. I have made a start on the third one but not yet completed it.

I did two ATC the themes being the Number 7 and By the Seaside ( I was very pleased with this one and so was the recipient)

Some Biscornus and a Humbug. The mini biscornu top and the Humbug were just me playing with thread and fabric. The second biscornu is called Meadow Flowers and is stitched on a fancy DMC aida and the third one was from and old issue of The Gift of Stitching Magazine.
This was a freebie kit with Cross Stitch Crazy issue 193 and it took me two hours to do.
This is the Day of the Dead Mini Cushion from Sheena Rogers. I really enjoyed stitching this it was a lot of fun and is so colourful.
This is a card insert designed by Joan Elliott and was in a freebie booklet, there are a couple of other designs in it in this style.
A New Day by My Big Toe Designs stitched on Polstitches 28ct Regency Linen using DMC threads

I have also made two items of Jewellery since my last post. A bracelet that was in New Stitches magazine Issue 246
and a necklace that I bought as a kit from The Bead Merchant I purchased the charcoal variety and it was really fun to make. Although it is called a Twister Rope I refer to mine as my Sherbet Pips necklace as the coloured beads remind me of the old sweet.
So that is everything I have completed since my last post. But as always I have been working on lots of other things. Below are my current projects
I just started this single size crochet blanket following exactly what the designer Attic24 Cosy Stripe Blanket CAL is doing on her blog page as a CAL through out November and December 2014. I am quite a bit behind but will hopefully complete it not so long after the project ends on her blog.
This is the Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery Holly and Hearts that was released in 2013. I ran out of time to get it completed last year so am trying to get it done between now and this Christmas. I am using the thread pack that came with the charts and I am stitching it on Polstitches 28ct Jobelan in Past Times. I am loving it so far. I was initially unsure that the fabric would be ok as some of the thread colours are similar but I think it looks great and gives it the olde worlde look that I was after.

I have made a start on a new BAP this time I am doing When Dreams Come True by Love Thy Thread this is using DMC threads on 18ct Aida 2 strands full cross. I bought this as a kit and so far so good.
On Wednesdays I have been working on a sampler. This is the Historical Countries Mystery Sampler that ran for 12 issues in The Gift of Stitching Magazine. The fabric is 28ct Polstitches Sampler Linen in Edwardian and it is gorgeous - photos never do it justice. It is a huge project but I have really enjoyed returning to it after a long break. This will be stitched on again every Wednesday from the New Year. I am currently doing Christmas related things on Wednesday from now until the end of the year.
Finally for this post I have also made a start on the lovely Let's Do Tea design by Ursula Michael. It stitches up quite quickly so I am hopeful I will find time to complete it before the end of the year.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little update and I will try and post more frequently from now on and get back into the blog environment.

Bye for now



  1. Nice to see you back, and it looks like you were busy with lots of great projects!

  2. Very pretty. I esp. love the little birds. You have certainly gotten many projects completed during the last 5 months. I understand the feeling of being too busy to post. I have also only worked on one huge WIP and doubt anyone could tell the difference.

  3. What a fantastic post Lisa. Congrats on all the gorgeous finishes. Lovely new projects and love the colors in your afghan.


  4. Lisa,
    I love seeing all your projects - you have certainly been busy! I LOVE the two little birds at the top of your post and am quite interested in learning more about this Cross Stitch Card making publication you've mentioned. I am not familiar with that at all, but I'm going off to Google it when I finish here. I also have been neglecting my blog now for a number of months! You've inspired me to get pics taken of my projects later and finally getting an update posted to my blog as well! I love your Holly and Hearts, also. Mine is at the framer and I can't wait to see how it turned out. Look forward to seeing your progress on your LK and other projects. Kevin

    1. Thank you Kevin - I look forward to seeing a post from you soon.


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