Monday, 15 December 2014

Lizzie Kate Hollie and Hearts Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Just a quick update on my Lizzie Kate Hollie and Hearts Sampler. My aim was to complete part two in the last week and I am pleased to say that I have done so.

Below are my starting points and where I am at now
I am hoping to complete this project this week and really am liking how it looks on the Polstitches Past Times 28ct Jobelan.

Below is a photo that I took when I got out of the car by my house. Normally you cannot see the little chapel from where we live but because of the fading light it was silhouetted against the sky. I am quite pleased with the photo even if it is slightly blurry.
Anyway just a short post this week, but am trying to keep up to date at least with a weekly post.

Bye for now



  1. Great progress on your stitching. Good luck with finishing it, it looks wonderful on that fabric. That is a very pretty picture!

  2. You're making great progress Lisa.

    Beautiful photo.


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