Monday, 8 December 2014

Lizzie Kate Update and some Ornaments

Hi Blogger Friends,

This week I did do a little more on my Lizzie Kate Holly and Hearts Sampler below is where I started from and where I got to
The reason I did not get more done was I got sidetracked when I discovered all of these ornaments that needed finishing.
So far I have done these

They are complete minus the stuffing and the Time for Tea will be a pin cushion not a Christmas decoration.
I also completed this one using a different technique for me. I stitched this with a piece of wadding and felt as backing
I have two more carollers finished that I will complete this way and if I get time will try and stitch the remaining 3 that were in the set of six card designs. This turned out to be a really quick way of completing the ornament so I think I will be using it again. It is also quite light.

Finally this week my sugar cravings kicked in once again so I made Grandma's Apple Slice Cake. Now I think I used too big a pan to cook it in as when it was straight out of the oven it was quite cake like but once it cooled properly and hardened it was more like a biscuit/flapjack texture. It did however taste very nice.

That is this weeks update. I am hoping to get more ornaments completed this week as I intend putting up my tree on the 12th December and my aim is to complete part 2 of the Lizzie Kate sampler.

Bye for now



  1. Beautiful stitching and fabulous finishing!

  2. The ornaments all turned great Lisa. The Lizzie Kate piece is really pretty.