Monday, 23 November 2015

An Update and a slight change to plans

Hi Blogger Friends,

This week you should have seen an update on Save the Stitches, below is where I am at with that project
but in the New Year this is no longer going to be Rotation 3 but worked on Saturdays. Because I really wanted to start and finish Twas the Night by Sue Hillis designs before the end of the year I have decided to put both the above project and also Rotation 4 which is currently Christmas in London by Mirabilia (see below for where I am with that one)
on hold. Christmas in London will go into my Rotation 2's slot in 2016 once Raven is completed.

So this week I worked on Twas the Night for 4 days, I used fabric which I think is 32ct Antique Ivory linen that I had in my stash and DMC floss I believe the model is stitched using Sullivans which we don't have in the UK but DMC conversions were provided.
What it should look like when done and below where I got to after 4 days, the bottom half wording done and started on the bottom border which is quite fiddly lots of colour changing.
I am pleased with my progress and the actual stitching is brighter than this, just a bad photo.

I also completed the stitching part of November's Pin Cushion by Sheena Rogers and from Cross Stitch Collection magazine.

Below you will see where my last progress update and the completed stitching
I now use a Project Log app on my ipad this took me 15hrs and 53 minutes to stitch which works out at 197 stitches an hour which is a square inch of stitching. So I am clearly an average stitcher as that is what the "experts" reckon you should be able to do in an hour.

So in the coming week I intend to complete the pin cushion and continue with Twas the Night. I am hoping to have the bottom border completed by my next weeks post.

I would just like to say I have not abandoned Rotation completely I will do Rotation 5 Next week and Rotations 1 (because I will finish it then) and Rotation 2 as this will continue in 2016.

Sorry this post is a bit waffly and I know what I am doing even if it does not seem clear here. I will do a proper 2016 projects post closer to the New Year and hopefully my stitching plans will become a little clearer.

So that's it for this week not a huge amount of stitching but I have really enjoyed what I have got done.

Bye for now
take care


Monday, 16 November 2015

Rotation 2 - Raven November Update and Other Things

Hi Blogger Friends,

So today I am doing an update of where I got with Raven Queen by Mirabilia over the last week.

My starting point was
and after working on her for 14.5 hours over 6 days I have got to here
I would have liked to have got a bit more done but I have been having congestion headaches this week which make my left eye very painful so I was limited to what I could do. This week I went back to working on her using both my Millennium Frame and its accompanying stand and after a little bit of getting used to it I did find it made the two handed stitching a lot easier and my neck strain a lot less. The only problem with using the Millennium Frame in hand is that it is very heavy compared to an easy clip scroll frame or q snaps, so making use of the stand was a good choice.

I have to say I am really liking how she is looking on the fabric I chose from Polstitches (28ct Opal Lugana in Phantom Amethyst).

This isn't the only thing I worked on this week. I also continued with  the November Pin Cushion from Cross Stitch Collection magazine and designed by Sheena Rogers. I went from here

to here
Again I did not get as much as I had hoped to get done but progress is progress and I will get it finished before the 30th November.

I also completed the biscornu using the Jodyri threads I purchased in October. I only used the one it was Oz the Great and Powerful from the Wizard of Oz themed pack.
This is where I was at last week only on the first side
and the finished diddy biscornu is below
I really like the variegation in this thread I think it is really pretty.

Finally in terms of stitching I also finished the Second Day from Plum Street Samplers 12 Days of Christmas freebies. This is stitched on a hand dyed scrap using Carrie's Creations threads in Cherry and Green Grass which I had in my stash.
Again this needs finishing into an ornament but I want to do them all at the same time and as yet I am still undecided as to whether I do them as flat ornaments (which for me is more complicated) or as a stuffed ornament. I am hoping that I will get all twelve done in time for this year but it will be a push with all the other things I work on.

The only Stashquisition this week was a book I ordered from Amazon's used book section it is called Down Santa Claus Lane and from the title you probably realise it contains lots of Santa designs. The book took just over 2 weeks to get to me from the States I paid only £3.45 for it that includes the postage and it is a hardback. With 40 designs and most of those a reasonable size I think it is a bargain
Well that's it for this week. Today I will get back to work on Save the Stitches, and also continue with a bit of progress on my Pin Cushion.

Bye for now
take care


Monday, 9 November 2015

Rotation 1 - Snowshoe and Other updates

Hi Blogger Friends,

After doing the monthly post I have decided to do weekly ones from now on. Two reasons really  I was doing the draft post weekly anyway and it will also make my blog a little more active and the posts not quite so long.

So in the past week I have been mainly working Snowshoe by DMC/Jayne Netley Mayhew as it is my Rotation 1 project. My aim as usual was to do at least 10 hrs work on this.

Starting point

End of Week - I did 21 hrs

Sadly I did not complete it this week I had hoped to but after 5 solid days of working on it I managed to make my shoulder stiff so took a day off from stitching. It will be completed in December and because I do not think it will take me the whole week will free up some time to finish off Christmas ornaments etc.

Other stitching done this week. I made a start on my November Pin Cushion designed by Sheena Rogers and featured in Cross Stitch Collection magazine, I  did about 3 hrs stitching. This is where I have got to

I also had a little play with the Jodyri threads that I showed in my last blog post. I am using Oz the Great and Powerful and will make a small biscornu. I only managed to do half the first side but I think the thread looks very nice.

Other news I am abandoning Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf. After completing Page 1 I had a good think about things and decided I really do not want to be spending hours and hours and years and years working on a high count fabric. In hindsight I should have purchased either the regular or mini version of this chart and stitched on 18 count aida 2 over 1.

In the New Year I will be changing my rotations slightly and I will post the exact details nearer the time but will be embarking on another HAED design this time on 18 ct and I have estimated that if I manage around 20 hrs in a rotation week I should get it completed in about 6.5 years. The design I will be doing is Capricorn by Josephine Wall

Finally I was up at stupid o'clock on Sunday morning and got to thinking about how I sign my work. I had hoped to do sort of a handwriting style signature to my work but because I want to use all 3 of my initials it would have taken up far too much space on the design. So I stitched the following onto a piece of plastic canvas so that I have a reminder which I will keep in my stitching bits and bobs pencil case.
I like the top version best but will use the lower case version on smaller pieces of work.

Well that's it for this week. No purchases so just the little bit of stitching I have done to show.

Bye for now
take care


Monday, 2 November 2015

October Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Below is my review for October on my rotations, my forever project and my monthly project. Plus anything else I have been up to and my purchases for the month.


The photo below shows my starting point
and where I got to by the end of the week.
I stitched on this project for 13 hrs over 6 days. Total time on project is 26 days or 69 hrs. I comfortably achieved my 10 hr goal and am hoping to complete this project in my November rotation.


This was my starting point

and this is where I got to
I am really pleased with my progress on Raven this month. My goal was to do at least 10hrs stitching and I managed to do 21hrs and I feel she really is beginning to take shape. I really enjoyed stitching on her this month.


This was my starting point
and this is where I got to

I managed to do my 10hrs on this and I am pleased with the progress I have made.


This was my starting point
and this is where I got to
I managed to work on her for 12 hours so reaching my 10 hr target. I am pleased with the progress I have made.


This was my starting point
and here is where I have got to
Although I did not manage to do the 14hrs I had planned I did do 11 hrs and I am actually very pleased with the progress. I have now completed the first page and done the first half column of page 2. I will aim again to do 14 hrs in November.


I finished the stitching in Week 3 whilst I was working on Save the Stitches and made it up into a pin cushion in the final week of October


Also during the month I stitched a little Halloween project - Halloween Mouse from The World of Cross Stitching mag, which I have made into a hanging ornament. The fabric is a scrap from The Crafty Kitten.

I also made a start on the 12 Days of Christmas from Plum Street Samplers which is a freebie on her blog. So far I have just stitched the First Day.  I will finish them as ornaments nearer Christmas but definitely in time to go on my tree this year.

 Stitched on a neutral scrap of 28 ct evenweave using Garnet and Green Carrie's Creations thread


I heard this term the other day and think it is nicer than Stash Enhancements or Purchases.

Below are Octobers Stashquisitions

I have wanted a DMC shade card that has actual bits of the threads attached for a very long time and so I finally decided I was going to get it. I will find it useful for when I don't have the exact shade in my stash and will be able to find one that is close. Some DMC shades are very close to one another so substitution isn't usually a problem. I also got myself the 6inch hoop and stalk to go in my seat frame. I was using the 10inch hoop and stalk on my Forever Project but because I am working in such a small space and progress is slow a smaller hoop firstly holds it tighter and makes it look like I have done more on the project. Finally the chart is Twas the Night before Christmas by Sue Hillis designs. I purchased this after seeing it being worked on a YouTube video. Because it is mainly words this will be quite a quick project. I don't think I will be doing it for this year but next and will start it early so that I can get it framed by Christmas 2016. I will probably get an opal fabric to stitch it on as I like a bit of sparkle.
This is my monthly fabric from Polstitches Designs this piece is called Radiance and it is on 32ct Murano and is 18 x 27 inches. Right at the end of the Month I received the next months limited which is a 28ct Opal Lugana and called Sea Crystal it is gorgeous. I think the reason I have received two in one month is because I did not see the invoice for the first one and so paid for it later than usual.

I got a copy of Cross Stitch Jungle out of my local library and the above design was in it. Now the book is £18 and I was unable to find a cheaper copy. I did however find an old issue of Cross Stitcher magazine on Ebay that had the Orangutans in and this is the design from that book that I would like to stitch as it reminds me of my husband and when I get around to doing it the project will be known as Simon :-)
I have wanted to do a Cross Stitch Clock for a very long time. This one looks easy and my family are big Doctor Who fans. This design is from Clouds Factory.
Now I would not have been aware of this design Once Upon a Time Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery  had I not started watching YouTube floss tube videos and I have seen several people working on this one. It is super cute and I have some lovely hand dyed fabric that this will go lovely on. I will probably make this my monthly projects once the Pin cushions are completed so around next July - I might start it earlier if I get those done sooner.

I also placed my first order with Arts and and received a copy of Glendon Place Plum Pudding mandala. This is actually a repurchase. I had it a couple of years ago sold it and have now decided I wish I hadn't so I got another copy.

I also got the final 5 chart books of the Prairie Schooler ABC series and intend to start this in the new year as one large piece. I have also purchased the required fabric for it Mushroom Jazlyn.

At the beginning of October I ordered the Wizard of Oz themed thread pack from Jodyri Designs and about 15 days or so later they arrived.

I am so pleased with them they are really gorgeous and I cannot wait to try them out on something. Possibly a biscornu or something similar or a wordy design so that we can see the colour changes. Watch this space ...

I also got some lovely needle minders from Just So Heavenly
it is a Facebook group and the needleminders are lovely. I am really pleased with them and for me being  UK based makes it cheaper on the pocket.

I also purchased a Mill Hill Buttons and Beads Kit and a Frame to go with it. I don't know how I have managed never to notice these before. But browsing the Internet the other night I stumbled upon them and fell in love and then saw some photos of a completed kit and decided I would give them a go. I got Moonlit Kitties which is from the Autumn series and a Blue Frame with stars on. ( A plain blue frame was recommended but it was not in stock. If this one looks strange when it is finished I will change it)
I also purchased a new bookmark and scissor fob from Beading Lovely on Facebook. The bookmark is for my A5 page a day diary next year which I keep my stitching records and a few other things. The scissor fob has letter beads that going down the fob spell Loubie.
I also bought a  few second hand cross stitch books this month but as this post is already very long I will not include them all here, but will show this one which at £2.61 including the postage was a steal.

Finally I was kindly gifted Victorian Charm kit by a friend on Facebook. I had mentioned that I was adding it to my wish list and she kindly sent it to me.
This will be my second new start and in Rotation 1 in 2016.

Phew I didn't think it would be quite such a long post but I am trying to keep updated as best as possible. My spending in future months will not be as great as this and certainly from the New Year I intend to set a budget and stick to it.

Should I do a Weekly or Monthly post as this one is quite long. Any thoughts ?

Well that's it for this month

Take Care



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