Monday, 2 November 2015

October Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Below is my review for October on my rotations, my forever project and my monthly project. Plus anything else I have been up to and my purchases for the month.


The photo below shows my starting point
and where I got to by the end of the week.
I stitched on this project for 13 hrs over 6 days. Total time on project is 26 days or 69 hrs. I comfortably achieved my 10 hr goal and am hoping to complete this project in my November rotation.


This was my starting point

and this is where I got to
I am really pleased with my progress on Raven this month. My goal was to do at least 10hrs stitching and I managed to do 21hrs and I feel she really is beginning to take shape. I really enjoyed stitching on her this month.


This was my starting point
and this is where I got to

I managed to do my 10hrs on this and I am pleased with the progress I have made.


This was my starting point
and this is where I got to
I managed to work on her for 12 hours so reaching my 10 hr target. I am pleased with the progress I have made.


This was my starting point
and here is where I have got to
Although I did not manage to do the 14hrs I had planned I did do 11 hrs and I am actually very pleased with the progress. I have now completed the first page and done the first half column of page 2. I will aim again to do 14 hrs in November.


I finished the stitching in Week 3 whilst I was working on Save the Stitches and made it up into a pin cushion in the final week of October


Also during the month I stitched a little Halloween project - Halloween Mouse from The World of Cross Stitching mag, which I have made into a hanging ornament. The fabric is a scrap from The Crafty Kitten.

I also made a start on the 12 Days of Christmas from Plum Street Samplers which is a freebie on her blog. So far I have just stitched the First Day.  I will finish them as ornaments nearer Christmas but definitely in time to go on my tree this year.

 Stitched on a neutral scrap of 28 ct evenweave using Garnet and Green Carrie's Creations thread


I heard this term the other day and think it is nicer than Stash Enhancements or Purchases.

Below are Octobers Stashquisitions

I have wanted a DMC shade card that has actual bits of the threads attached for a very long time and so I finally decided I was going to get it. I will find it useful for when I don't have the exact shade in my stash and will be able to find one that is close. Some DMC shades are very close to one another so substitution isn't usually a problem. I also got myself the 6inch hoop and stalk to go in my seat frame. I was using the 10inch hoop and stalk on my Forever Project but because I am working in such a small space and progress is slow a smaller hoop firstly holds it tighter and makes it look like I have done more on the project. Finally the chart is Twas the Night before Christmas by Sue Hillis designs. I purchased this after seeing it being worked on a YouTube video. Because it is mainly words this will be quite a quick project. I don't think I will be doing it for this year but next and will start it early so that I can get it framed by Christmas 2016. I will probably get an opal fabric to stitch it on as I like a bit of sparkle.
This is my monthly fabric from Polstitches Designs this piece is called Radiance and it is on 32ct Murano and is 18 x 27 inches. Right at the end of the Month I received the next months limited which is a 28ct Opal Lugana and called Sea Crystal it is gorgeous. I think the reason I have received two in one month is because I did not see the invoice for the first one and so paid for it later than usual.

I got a copy of Cross Stitch Jungle out of my local library and the above design was in it. Now the book is £18 and I was unable to find a cheaper copy. I did however find an old issue of Cross Stitcher magazine on Ebay that had the Orangutans in and this is the design from that book that I would like to stitch as it reminds me of my husband and when I get around to doing it the project will be known as Simon :-)
I have wanted to do a Cross Stitch Clock for a very long time. This one looks easy and my family are big Doctor Who fans. This design is from Clouds Factory.
Now I would not have been aware of this design Once Upon a Time Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery  had I not started watching YouTube floss tube videos and I have seen several people working on this one. It is super cute and I have some lovely hand dyed fabric that this will go lovely on. I will probably make this my monthly projects once the Pin cushions are completed so around next July - I might start it earlier if I get those done sooner.

I also placed my first order with Arts and and received a copy of Glendon Place Plum Pudding mandala. This is actually a repurchase. I had it a couple of years ago sold it and have now decided I wish I hadn't so I got another copy.

I also got the final 5 chart books of the Prairie Schooler ABC series and intend to start this in the new year as one large piece. I have also purchased the required fabric for it Mushroom Jazlyn.

At the beginning of October I ordered the Wizard of Oz themed thread pack from Jodyri Designs and about 15 days or so later they arrived.

I am so pleased with them they are really gorgeous and I cannot wait to try them out on something. Possibly a biscornu or something similar or a wordy design so that we can see the colour changes. Watch this space ...

I also got some lovely needle minders from Just So Heavenly
it is a Facebook group and the needleminders are lovely. I am really pleased with them and for me being  UK based makes it cheaper on the pocket.

I also purchased a Mill Hill Buttons and Beads Kit and a Frame to go with it. I don't know how I have managed never to notice these before. But browsing the Internet the other night I stumbled upon them and fell in love and then saw some photos of a completed kit and decided I would give them a go. I got Moonlit Kitties which is from the Autumn series and a Blue Frame with stars on. ( A plain blue frame was recommended but it was not in stock. If this one looks strange when it is finished I will change it)
I also purchased a new bookmark and scissor fob from Beading Lovely on Facebook. The bookmark is for my A5 page a day diary next year which I keep my stitching records and a few other things. The scissor fob has letter beads that going down the fob spell Loubie.
I also bought a  few second hand cross stitch books this month but as this post is already very long I will not include them all here, but will show this one which at £2.61 including the postage was a steal.

Finally I was kindly gifted Victorian Charm kit by a friend on Facebook. I had mentioned that I was adding it to my wish list and she kindly sent it to me.
This will be my second new start and in Rotation 1 in 2016.

Phew I didn't think it would be quite such a long post but I am trying to keep updated as best as possible. My spending in future months will not be as great as this and certainly from the New Year I intend to set a budget and stick to it.

Should I do a Weekly or Monthly post as this one is quite long. Any thoughts ?

Well that's it for this month

Take Care




  1. Great progress on all your projects. Some really nice small finishes. Lots of lovely stash too. I would say to post whenever you feel most comfortable.

    1. Thank you. I might start doing them weekly as I do the draft post week by week so it might just make my blog look a little more active.

  2. Wonderful progress on all your beautiful projects!
    Looks like you have a lot of great stitching ahead of you based on your new stash:) Looking forward to more updates!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments

  3. I have recently returned to the Blogging World and I am so amazed you are so organized, set stitching goals and were able to meet them. Your projects are beautiful and all so different.

    1. Thanks Melinda - I find that by setting targets I seem to get more done. It is still early days though doing rotations again. We shall see hopefully I don't get sidetracked

  4. Awesome post Lisa. Wonderful progress on all your projects. Love your new stash. I think you should post once a week.


    1. Thanks Linda, I think I will try the weekly posts in November and see how I get on. If I don't like it I will go back to the Monthly one


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