Friday, 29 April 2016

April 2016 Update and Plans for the next few months

Hi Blogger Friends,

As promised here is my update for April. I have not done as much stitching as I would have liked as I had a whole week of no stitching due to catching a cold from my Husband that has really knocked me for six. I have not felt so unwell in a very long time nor even though the cold has now gone I am still  so drained of energy. So slowly I am returning to normality.

So I completed just two projects in April
The first of these was Sheena Rogers April Pin Cushion that was in Cross Stitch Collection Magazine, this one took 15 hrs over 11 days. It is one of my favourites it is so pretty.

I also completed my 'British' Letter D for the Prarie Schooler Alphabet. All the changes made were re designed by Sheena Rogers. The Tudor rose is from a published chart and the stylised Union Flag and Lion Sheena designed for me when I posted on FB that I was struggling to come up with the changes I wanted to make. I am very happy with the outcome. Below is the Letter D on its own and the whole project so far. Letter D took 25.5 hrs over 9 days.

I have also continued to work on the Janlynn Seasonal Sampler - Spring. This is where it was last month
and where I am now
I am very pleased with how it is coming along. The work done is the equivalent of 30 minutes a day and it just goes to show a project will grow using this method.

Other things I worked on in April

I spent 5 days (21 hrs stitching) working on the Lady of Shalott by Teresa Wentzler. The poem has been a favourite of mine for many years and as a child I could actually recite it. Now sadly I know the opening line and the famous quote from it

Out flew the web and floated wide;
The mirror crack'd from side to side;
'The curse is come upon me,' cried
The Lady of Shalott.

This is my first Teresa Wentzler and I know I was really daunted by the project because of all the blended threads. All I can say is there isn't anything to be daunted by as long as you prepare your project properly. I have all the threads both singles and blends on home made project cards and so far I have had no issues just sheer joy with working this design. I love the muted palette and how cleverly the blends make the design. It will not be my last Teresa Wentzler.

I also spent a little time on Regency Lady. The Marlitt thread is no problem as long as you use Thread Heaven and keep the lengths quite short.
I made a start on this Snow White project from MCG Textiles, the Thomas Kinkade design. Love the design but I have a couple of issues with the kit. Firstly I don't think I have ever used such a stiff Aida before it really is like cardboard. Also the quality control by the manufacturers is off. They supplied a floss in the kit which was wrong - thankfully on line I was able to establish what it should be frog and restitch the section using the correct colour thread. I have seen this completed and it does look fab when done so this will be worked on from time to time.

I also spent one evening working on this Henry VIII and his 6 wives. I didn't take an after photo
but I did about 3 hrs stitching and one more stitch  done is one less to do :-)

Simon got a little bit of work
and hopefully towards the end of May he will come out to play again.

I also spent a couple of evenings working on Historic Countries Mystery Sampler by Papillon Creations as featured in The Gift of Stitching Magazine
This is where I last left it and below is where I have got to
So I finished off the Quaker section in the middle and have been working on the Ireland section. I have really enjoyed getting this out again and I just love Polstitches Edwardian linen it is such a pretty fabric which photos never do justice.

Finally for April stitching I got a few Mill Hill bead kits yesterday and started on the Celtic Santas - Wales Santa
This is where I have got to I spent last night and a little bit this morning working on this, really enjoying it and the beads in this design are really gorgeous a lot more colour than it would appear.

I also spent a couple of evening working on my huge crochet blanket
I managed to get about 6 rows done. I am aiming to get this finished by next Winter - I am about 2/3rds of the way done, so it is doable.

Future Plans

Back at the beginning of the year I joined the Stitch Maynia group on Facebook. They do lots of Stitch a longs throughout the year but so far I have not joined in any of them. May is the month that they host Stitch Maynia which is 15 new starts for the first 15 days of May and so being the glutton for punishment that I am and also because I want to feel that I am taking part in the group I have decided to put rotations on hold and do this instead.

So my stitching for May will be May Pin Cushion, Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter E and Spring Sampler plus the 15 new starts for Stitch Maynia. Below are the projects I intend to start.
I intend to return to rotations in the last week of May and for all of June before taking a month off Rotations to do Christmas in July for which I have two UFO's that I would like to get completed.

As this blog is now picture heavy I will sign off now and will return at the end of May with how I got on.

Bye for now

Happy Stitching


Lisa x

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Update to the end of March 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well its been a couple of weeks since I blogged. I am going to post here what I did from my last post until 31st March. I will then do a monthly update.

So the first thing I worked on since my last post was Lady Lilac from Artecy
and this is where I have got  to so far
I am doing this on white 18ct aida using the recommended DMC floss 2 over 1.

I then finished March's installment for the Joyful World SAL from The Snowflower Diaries

I also worked on Orangutans by Jayne Netley Mayhew which went from this
to this
As I was finding all the browns a bit much I started on the green section, still enjoying the project even if it seems quite slow going. I do not think I will complete this in 2016 but my goal is to have it done by the end of 2017.

Raven Queen by Mirabilia  was also worked on and went from this
The bottom half is now completed minus the beading I have so far spent 76.5 hrs stitching on her.

Janlynn Spring Sampler looked like this on the 31st March

I also worked on Regency Lady designed by Sue Page from an old issue of The World of Cross Stitching magazine
and this is where I got to
this is being worked on a piece of 28ct evenweave using Anchor threads, Marlitt and Reflecta. So far it has been an enjoyable stitch and the use of thread heaven has made it a lot easier.

So that rounds up the rest of March. I will post again on the 1st May with my April updates which will contain a few new things that haven't been in my rotations lately.

Bye for now
Happy Stitching

Lisa x

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