Monday, 26 September 2016

Update 26th September 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

This update was supposed to  coming a  day late as I was going to  visit my Mum on the Isle of Wight and would not have had  sufficient access to the Internet whilst I was away. As I write my blog daily the following writing assumes I was going away Saturday and I had booked my ferry to the Isle of Wight on Friday good to go. Saturday morning after updating my blog for Friday and first thing Saturday (the morning sky) I got a phone call from my Mum saying she has a stomach bug and did not want us to come. Luckily I was able to postpone my ferry crossing for up to 90 days so I will be going to the Island probably late October/early November now.

So since I last posted this is what I have been doing.

Monday - 19th September  

This Monday was again a slow start. I did not walk the dog in the morning as I was making red cabbage for our dinner tonight. I make a huge batch and then freeze down several portions and it is one of my favourite side dishes. We had this with cauliflower cheese, gammon  (veggie sausages for daughter), roast potatoes, carrots, green beans and peas. My husband and daughter also had gravy and Yorkshire pudding.  It was scrumdiliumptious - really one of my favourite meals.

Anyhow around lunchtime we went to town to drop daughters phone back in the menders as it wasn't quite right, they managed to sort it this time - thankfully. I also picked up some books from the library I now have 14 loans I need to do some serious reading.

After lunch we walked the dog along the canal back to the garage so my husband could finally pick up his fixed car.

In the evening I watched the film Suffragette which was quite harrowing in places and then this weeks episode of Cold Feet which was better than last weeks, although I don't think it is quite as good as the original series and some of it seems predictable, but I will continue viewing as it's an easy watch. I stitched on Flowers of Scotland Bookmark and all that needs doing now is to sew the felt backer on and attach the tassel.
In bed I read three chapters of Dumb Witness and I am still enjoying it.

Tuesday - 20th September  

I was home alone today so after dog walking and doing the housework that needed to be done I settled down to finish some bookmarks off. All of the following are probably 5 years old other than the one I finished last night, in  that was when I completed the stitching, they just needed finishing. I also finished off Flowers of Scotland. The first two are just pieces of fabric that I was playing with thread on.Then we have Snowflake Bookmark a freebie design from Kincavel Krosses, it was stitched on a scrap of Polstitches linen using Dragonfloss in Steaming Needles. We then have a freebie from Papillon Creations website and I used some old Six Strand Sweets threads for that one on a piece of pinky aida and finally yesterdays completion Flowers of Scotland by Textile Heritage
I then asked my Facebook friends which bookmark I should work on next out of these kits that I currently own
I had quite a few responses and the bookmark with the most votes was the Scotties and Westies one. So I informed my Facebook friends that I would start on that once I finished off the Geometric one I have been working on for a few weeks at bedtime.

Whilst I was washing up at lunchtime I saw this bird in my garden and I thought it was a female pheasant and after a quick Google I confirmed that it was
I do get quite an array of different birds in my garden along with Foxes, Badgers and occasionally the Deer come up from the cycle track.

In the evening I worked on the Geometric Bookmark and finished the stitching it just needs to be ironed and have the backing attached.
Whilst stitching I watched the start of a new series called National Treasure starring Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid for Harry Potter fans) and Julie Walters (Mrs Weasley for HP fans). It is quite topical as it is about a star who has been accused of historic sexual abuse. Here in the UK the last couple of years has been fraught with various people being accused and taken to court some guilty and some not. I thought it was an interesting start to the series as although he is denying any wrong doing his sexual proclivities would suggest he is possibly guilty of the crime. I will watch the remaining three episodes. It was well acted.

I did not read at bedtime as I was looking at social media and I was too tired.

21st September - Wednesday 

So after my usual start to the day of walking the dog I decided to go to town as we were expecting some men in to fit a new shower and an extractor fan in the bathroom, and as my husband was working from home I did not need to be there.

After visiting the library to drop back a few books I did manage to also pick one up whilst there. I decided to go look around the 7 charity shops (thrift stores) that my town has. I managed to get quite a few books including I think the full set of Anne of Green Gables books - I have read the first but not any of the others so I think I have a treat in store.
I very rarely find any clothes that either fit or that I like but today I struck lucky in Oxfam, finding this M and S ladies shirt, so I bought it and at £4.99 I think it was a bargain.
I got back home just after 11 and the workmen had not yet turned up. I had received some Happy Mail whilst I was out.
This is the latest Joan Elliott chart that was created for last weekends cross stitch retreat in Cardiff. I was lucky to get a signed copy and will start kitting this up probably with a view to starting it on my birthday in January (you never know I may have got Enchanted Aurora finished by then - please don't laugh, because I am).  I then popped to the shop as we were running low on milk.

After lunch the men finally turned up and after assessing the situation we got the extractor fan installed but they had been misinformed as to what they were doing with the shower so that will now happen next Friday, 30th September.

Whilst the man was working in the bathroom drilling etc I went out in the garden and attacked our back hedge which grows like a Triffid. It does not seem to matter how often we cut it back it just regrows so quickly. Anyway I can now get out my back gate and all the rogue bits have been lopped off. It will need a proper hedge trimmer trim before the weather gets too unpredictable but that is a job for my husband as it needs someone with long arms which I do not possess.

In the evening I finished off Geometric Bookmark by backing it with a piece of felt and trimming it
I am really pleased with this one I think the design is absolutely stunning. It is from August 2016's Cross Stitch Collection magazine and the designer is Anniina Wallius and there are three  more in the issue which I will stitch at some stage.

I then started on the Scotties and Westies one by Textile Heritage
I did this whilst watching Bake Off - again my interest in pastries isn't quite the same as my interest in cakes, but it was on in the background and then the concluding part to the DCI Banks story which left on a cliff hanger as one of the characters was stabbed at the end of the episode. As she is a fairly main character I expect she will survive unless the actress has asked to be written out of the series. We shall see.

In bed I managed to read three chapters of Dumb Witness, I think I may finish this one over the next couple of days. I am still enjoying it.

22nd September - Thursday

I spent the day with my daughter who is returning to University on Friday. We went out for a meal at a local pub before going to watch Bridget Jones's Baby at our local cinema. Neither of us had read reviews of the film other than seeing the trailer and I am glad we went in blind. I think it was on par with the first film (I am not so keen on the second one) and we both laughed quite a lot. We also both liked the touches that referred back to the original film. I think if you like romantic comedies then this is a good film to see as long as bad language and sexual references do not offend you.

I did not do much else other than a little more on my Scotties and Westies Bookmark
In bed I read another three chapters of Dumb Witness and think I will get it finished on the next read.
I did not stay in bed very long I felt a bit unwell - basically I had over eaten and it wasn't sitting well. So I ended up spending the night downstairs on the sofa and did not have a great deal of sleep, but I did manage to catch up on some Book Tube videos on You Tube and joined Pottermore to find out what my Patronus is a Black Mare apparently  and which house I belong to which is Gryffindor (yay I was happy about that).

23rd September - Friday

You can probably guess I was very tired all day  but did manage to function pretty well until the early evening when I just needed to have a nap. My daughter returned to University so that now leaves just me, my husband and our dog Lily. I worked on Viennese Waltz but due to tiredness only got about an hours stitching done, but as I reiterate time again, progress is progress.

In the evening I watched the first proper show in this years Strictly Come Dancing and it was a good one. Only 6 of the celebrities danced and of those I think Robert Rinder of the tv show Judge Rinder was just brilliant, in that he showed so much enthusiasm and he does have some rhythm. Even Lesley Joseph who is a comic actress and the oldest contestant this year wasn't completely hopeless, she is paired with the professional dance Anton Du Beke and he usually gets the lame duck, so all in all quite good.

In bed I finished reading Dumb Witness which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

24th September - Saturday

On letting the dog out first thing Saturday morning around 6.30am I noticed how pretty the sky was so I took a photo. I think it is important to stop and take a moment to appreciate the simple things in life.
So after receiving the phone call from my Mum asking us not to come this weekend because she is poorly I went to make breakfast our usual bowl of porridge. Whilst doing this the post came early and I received two more Textile Heritage Bookmark kits for my collection. These are Stained Glass Window (which I think will be a fun stitch and look stunning when done) and Scottish Thistle which has a lovely tartan ribbon as a backer unlike the usual felt backings most of these kits contain.
I spent most of the day on the computer browsing etc. My husband was clearly tired as he slept and snored on the sofa most of the afternoon and still managed to sleep all Saturday night when we went to bed.

After watching the Saturday Strictly Come Dancing show which was enjoyable but I think I preferred Friday nights to be honest. I watched the first of the new series of Lucifer on Amazon Prime followed by two episodes of a series called American Gothic. I enjoyed both programmes particularly Lucifer which is quite tongue in cheek. Whilst this was on I continued working on my Scotties and Westies bookmark.
I am pleased with my progress and with a bit of luck may finish the stitching in the next couple of sessions working on it.

In bed I returned to reading The Secret Garden and read a few chapters.

25th September - Sunday

I was up early so I decided to do some stitching on Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter G as I would like to get this completed before the end of the month. Whilst doing this I reduced my watch list on You Tube.

We did dog walking and went to the shop. On returning from shop I had received a delivery from Amazon  - Bookmarks Galore chart book.
There are quite a few in here that I want to stitch.

After doing  some little bits of housework I returned to working on Letter G and below is my progress.

I spent nearly 5 hours stitching on this and am pleased with my progress I want to get it completed by the end of the month.

In the evening I watched TV - the latest episode of Victoria which I am really enjoying. It was announced this week that it will be returning for a second season. Tonight's episode featured a cameo appearance of the writer of the series Daisy Goodwin as the Duchess of Inverness, which I think was a nice touch. I continued working on  my Scotties and Westies Bookmark. It only now requires the yellow back stitching in the tartan border and the felt backing and tassel attaching. It will get completed in the next week.

I did not read in bed.

So that's another week gone.

Bye for now
Take Care

love Lisa x

Monday, 19 September 2016

Update 19th September 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

Firstly, a big thank you for the lovely comments on  my last post.

I actually really enjoyed blogging this way and I am trying to be a better commentator on other blogs too. Now that I am on here daily that is much easier to maintain also.

12th September - Monday

So today after quite a slow start as my Husband was working from home and I always seem to be slower getting going when he is at home, I took the dog for her morning walk and it is definitely feeling more autumnal. Really quite a fresh wind today.

 On returning from walking the dog the postman came with my delivery of three Penguin English Library edition books. I have wanted to increase the number of classics that I own for some time. Of these three books I did read Tess back in the early 1980's I had a mass market edition with the film cover (Nastassja Kinski as Tess imdb have this as 1979 but checking release dates it was 1981 in the UK and I bought the book via school, which would have made me 12 years old), I have not read it since. Persuasion is one of two Austens I have not read but have loved both TV adaptations that I have watched and Wives and Daughters is another TV series that I really enjoyed I have read both Cranford and North and South by Gaskell.
I chose these editions as the covers are so pretty but also the print inside the books is not too small which I struggle with a little these days. I intend to read a classic a month once I have cleared my currently reading pile. I had intended to get back to Jane Eyre this month but I have 11 books in my currently reading on Goodreads and I want to reduce those before I start on the classics. In fact I think I will make it a part of my reading challenge for 2017 to read or re-read 12 classics (I have read some before).

So onto some stitching - in the morning I finally dragged out Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter G and made some progress on this
This is where I left it and below is my progress
I listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince whilst stitching on this so the time whizzed by. I think I made some good progress.

In the afternoon I did a little more on Scheherazade and below is the progress I made
I decided to work down the design and out to the bottom right of the design. I am really enjoying how this is coming along.

After dinner my husband and I settled down to watch Victoria episode 4 on catch-up. I am really enjoying this series, this weeks episode was essentially her and Albert's courtship. There is something to be said for men in uniforms, they looked so smart and my favourite costume of tonight's episode was not a pretty frock but her riding outfit which I thought most striking navy blue with a red collar.

In the evening I didn't feel like stitching on a big project so I got my Medieval Queen bookmark out and I am nearly done with this now just a little more back stitching to do. I am always amazed at how long back stitching takes
I also watched episode 2 of the new series of Cold Feet. I did not think this weeks episode was quite as strong but will continue to watch. Also the news came through this evening that the BBC series The Great British Bake Off is moving to Channel 4 - a victim of its own success. The BBC being what it is can no longer afford it. I am sad as I feel it will become one big advert but I will watch at least the first series that airs on Channel 4 and will see if it can keep its charm. I do hope so.

At bedtime I read from both Dumb Witness - I have got to Poirot visiting the Tripps and Theresa Arundell trying to work out what really happened and before sleep I read more from The Secret Garden and Mary has just found the key. I am enjoying both these books.

13th September - Tuesday 

Well my day started early with the dog waking me up by barking at 4.45 am. I probably would not have minded too much had we not needed to get up at 5.30 am anyway and so I did not really go back to sleep. After dog walking and doing some grocery shopping, I set off to town with my adult children only to discover when we were at the back of our house that my son had left his bedroom wide open so I had to go back and rectify that.  It was a very  hot day even by 10am when I set off for town.  I was very lucky to get home before we had an horrendous thunderstorm and downpour. My door shook with one clap of thunder and my poor dog was beside herself terrified, she absolutely hates thunder.

So today I finally finished my Medieval Queen bookmark
I am really pleased with how this has turned out and the finishing instructions are very clear. Well done Textile Heritage, also a side note there is probably enough floss in the kit to stitch another one which I think is also a very positive thing about this kit.

So pleased was I with this that I started on another bookmark kit in the evening this one is called Flowers of Scotland as I did not feel like working on one of my larger projects. Bookmarks are great for this - when you want to stitch but only something small.
This is where I got too.

In the evening I watched the final episode of the crime story One of Us - I did not guess whodunnit but think it was quite a good conclusion to the story.

No reading was done before bed as I was quite tired.

14th September - Wednesday 

Another early start was had and boy was it a warm day. After dog walking I started on the process of getting my son packed up for Thursday's taking him back to Uni. We spent some time sorting through his clothes, he has put on some weight and so some of his things are no longer fitting, so anything that was good has been put in a bag to go to the charity shop and most of the rest has been binned if not fitting or tatty. Later in the morning I popped to the shop to try and find some soya mince for my daughter (she has gone off Quorn it makes her bloat) and luckily that freezer was probably the only one that was working. All their chillers and most of the freezers were broken and being emptied whilst I was there. I then spent a couple of hours ironing my sons clothes prior to putting them into the suitcase and holdall ready for tomorrow. Whilst doing this tedious task I listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

There was a mid week challenge with Cross Stitch Friends on Facebook so I continued working on Flowers of Scotland bookmark as I knew I would not get much done today. In the end I managed 2hrs 45 mins on this

In the evening I watched The Great British Bake Off - batter week, to be honest wasn't impressed with tonight's mainly as batter is boring. We then watched the latest DCI Banks story they run 6 episodes each series but it three stories so this is the part one of the second story and I thought it was quite good.

In bed I did read but a book about book recommendations  The Book Lovers' Companion - What to Read Next. It is a good reference book and I may use it for part of my TBR next year as I think I will probably work from a plan to tick a few off that I have wanted to read for sometime but not got around to it. I have it on Kindle.
15th September - Thursday

A very short update. We took our son back to University, which he is very happy about and it was another very warm day. The result of this I was very tired when we returned home late afternoon. In the evening I watched I think the final episode of Million Dollar Princesses this week featuring Barbara Hutton, Kick Kennedy and Clara Ward  - I think this episode was called Beautiful but Doomed. Again very interesting and in the case of Kick Kennedy very sad. I did a minimum amount of stitching on Scheherazade see below, I apologise for the poor photo
I just filled in the bottom right corner motif and started working back along towards the centre.
I went to bed early and did not read, just very tired.

16th September - Friday

We had a disturbed night, my husband is on call and got woken at 2.30 only to find it wasn't for him, I then needed the loo and the dog decided she needed to go out which is fine but then she did not want to come back in. Once back in bed and just returning to sleep my husband had a bout of cramp. So I started Friday already tired. In the morning we went to the garage with the dog so that my husbands car could get a service then walking  the dog back home along the canal so that the morning walk could be done at the same time.

After my husband and daughter left for work I spent the morning doing housework, cleaning and clearing up. I don't much enjoy doing it, but when its done am pleased with the result. I then sat down and finished reading How to Find Love in a Bookshop, I showed the cover in my previous post  - overall I enjoyed it but I could have done with less characters. I then started on a book called The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
I read the first chapter and it seems quite interesting.

I pottered about for the rest of the day, chatted to husband and daughter when they came home. Did no stitching just felt too tired to concentrate on it. At bedtime I started to read a new book that has come in at my e-book library called Among Others
Again I read the first chapter and I will continue with it. I know I have lots of books currently on the go and I do need to prioritise and get some of them finished my current Currently Reading is too big and I do need to focus a little and try and get this down to no more than 5 books it is currently at 10.

17th September - Saturday

I started my day by picking up Viennese Waltz by Heritage Crafts prior to the rest of the house getting up. You may remember I did not get to work on it last Saturday as I had a headache so here is the before photo
and below is where I got to at the end of the day
I am very pleased with the progress I made. As I am away next Saturday I will be working on this project on Friday which is the first Strictly Come Dancing show as they always do two shows the first weekend.

During the day I went to town with my daughter who had managed to break her phone screen so needed to get it fixed. Whilst we were waiting for that to be done we had a drink in the local coffee shop. I also purchased the latest issue of The World of Cross Stitching magazine - there is quite a lot in this issue that I would like to stitch. My first thing will be some of the Christmas ornaments bottom left and I think the designs in the calendar are very lovely.
 A better image of the ornaments
and the calendar
I think all the designs on this are super cute and will probably get to a couple next year.

Whilst stitching in the evening my daughter and I watched a movie on Sky called Every Secret Thing with Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning - it was quite good if a little twisted but then that is the style of film that it was.

My daughter wanted to watch Casualty which is a long running BBC tv show and I have not watched it in a while so I went upstairs to my bedroom and listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and stitched on the geometric bookmark that was in the August issue of Cross Stitch Collection magazine. Below is the progress I made. Slowly getting there with this one.
Before sleep I read another chapter of Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie, I am really enjoying this. I was also going to read from The Secret Garden but I was just too tired.

18th September - Sunday 

On getting up I had received an email that had the attachment for a  PDF chart I purchased on Friday but there had been a technical glitch in it appearing on my account page and so they had to send it me via email. The chart is Luna by Shannon Christine Designs and it uses glow in the dark thread
I will probably stitch it on ths Twilight Shadows fabric from The  Crafty Kitten
and if you are curious here is the link to the designers site so you can see a rough idea of what the glow in the dark effect is like I think it will be a really fun stitch and I am going to try and kit it up with a view to starting it on Halloween this year and finishing it by next Halloween ( that's a plan !!)

Designer page showing the Glow in the Dark effect

It is the second picture on the link page that shows the effect.

After walking the dog I did an hours work on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter G, still hoping to get this letter completed before the end of the month.
After lunch we did a bit of gardening, basically getting the lawns  mowed and picking up a sack of apples that have fallen. I then settled down to working on Flowers of Scotland bookmark and watched a couple of old Inspector Morse episodes that I found on catch-up tv. I now only have the back stitching, French knots and the making up to go on this one so hopefully during the next week I will have another finished bookmark.
After dinner I settled down and did a bit of work on Simon, officially Orangutans by Jayne Netley Mayhew,  below is my progress
I watched the episode 5 of Victoria and tonight's episode was Victoria and Albert's wedding and Albert's need for some kind of role - I think it must have been quite difficult for him given the time and the beliefs on how Men and Women should be. As you can see  I am really enjoying this series although the blue contact lenses that Jenna Coleman wears are still off putting.

I wasn't tired going to bed so listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again and stitched on the geometric bookmark. Below is where I got to
This I am also hoping to finish definitely before the end of the  month.

So that's it for this week and Sunday was a super productive stitchy day.

My next blog post will appear on the 27th September (a day later than usual) as I am going to the Isle of Wight for a few days to see my Mum.

Bye for now
Take Care

Lisa x

Monday, 12 September 2016

Update 12th September 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

Firstly, a big thank you for the lovely comments I received on my last post and as promised here is my update for the last 8 days. This is slightly different to how I normally blog but I am hoping it is better and more detailed.

4th September - Sunday

I worked on Death by Cross Stitch by Long Dog Samplers today. I only managed to get about 2 hrs stitching done in the evening whilst watching TV, the highlight of this being the new series Victoria with Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell, tonights was episode 3 of the series. It is much better than I had anticipated, but then I am a sucker for a period drama.

I did get a little more done than the photo shows but the little froggie came a visiting so I had to unpick the section - 1 stitch out the bane of my life. I worked the heart and the bottom left section, trying to complete this little bit before moving down and across.

Also on Sunday I went to Gloucester to collect my daughter from the train station and for a wander. I made Leek and Potato soup. I finished a book called A Laetitia Rodd Mystery - The Secrets of Wishtide by Kate Saunders this was a Victorian set mystery. Laetitia Rodd is a clergyman's widow who has a brother who is a lawyer and provides her with cases. I do hope it becomes a series of books as it was very enjoyable. In the authors afterword it is loosely based on characters from David Copperfield. At bedtime I read a couple of chapters of Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie ( this is one of my favourite David Suchet Poirot tv episodes and the book is so far living up to that) and a couple of chapters of All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. Both were very enjoyable.

5th September - Monday 

I had the dentist today, just a check-up and everything ok for another six months even had a couple of x-rays done on my back teeth and all still good. Stitching wise I put about a dozen stitches in to Death by Cross Stitch so there is no photo update today. Did a couple of dog walks and in the evening I chatted to my daughter whilst watching Say Yes to the Dress UK before settling down to watch the new series of Cold Feet which has returned after a 13 year absence. I enjoyed it I think it has promise.

At bedtime I finished reading Peter Pan which I started at the beginning of August. I am glad I have finally read it but it really isn't what I thought it would be. And then I thought I would start another Childrens Classic from my TBR pile
I have seen adaptations of this but never read it. This is the Oxford Childrens Classic edition and it is so pretty. I read three chapters and so far I am really enjoying it.

6th September - Tuesday 

I had plans to do loads a thing on Tuesday but after walking the dog and going to the shop I really did the bare minimum to keep the house ticking over. My reason for this it was so humid, it is the one type of weather I really do  not cope well with. If it is baking hot I can get in the cool but humidity just makes me hot, sticky and fractious. So I spent the majority of the day working on Death by Cross Stitch and listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Book 6 in the series) and I really enjoyed it and made some good progress.
In the evening I watched an episode of a series called Million Dollar Princesses which I viewed via Sky's catch up - I thought it was a repeat but in fact it is series two and this one featured the Movie Stars that married royalty - Grace Kelly, Gloria Swanson and Rita Hayworth and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also watched episode 3 of One of Us a crime drama - that was good too, next week it is the final episode so we will finally find out what did really happen. My bedtime reading was I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh, I read it on my Kindle and got through 11% of the book in one reading so I must have been enjoying it. This style of book I usually can read quite quickly as I like to know what happened.

 7th September - Wednesday

I was up early today as my Husband had to get off early, so I was able to potter about before my adult children got up. So after showering, getting dressed and loading the washer I sat down with a cup of tea and started to read one of the books from my library book pile How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry. I have read one book by this author before back in 2006 called Honeycote, I gave it 3 stars which I deem worth reading but no great shakes. This current book however, has started off really well I read a couple of chapters so far I think I am going to like it.

and by the end of the day I had read half the book. Still enjoying it, but possibly a few too many characters to follow.

So I took the dog out for her morning walk and like yesterday I bumped into a lady who was walking her spaniel ( a very lively 1 yr old) anyway she chose to walk with me. It turns out it really is a small world, about 20 years ago I did Guide guiding in a different town to where I now live and this lady had run the unit prior to the ladies I did it with  and informed me of what they were now doing.

Also on my walk I noticed this piece of stone or brickwork and it reminded me of the shape of the Isle of Wight which is where I was born and grew up.
So it was still very humid and today I spent most of my day starting on the decluttering process of my bedroom. I managed to get a little done but my ambitions outweighed what actually happened. Still it is an ongoing process but it will get done. After my second dog walk I did a short session in the garden cutting back more brambles, but the humidity meant I did less than I would have liked - apparently fresher air is coming in from tomorrow.

I continued working on Death by Cross Stitch and below is where I got to. I am really enjoying working on this at the moment and am trying to get this little section finished before moving back to working on Simon. Probably two more days of stitching.
I didn't stitch for as long as normal as I was watching The Great British Bake Off - it was bread week and the usual disasters occurred and there were some very good things too and then we watched the second half of the latest DCI Banks adaptation, you probably can tell that I do like my crime dramas possibly as much as period ones. I was quite tired come bedtime and only managed a few pages of The Secret Garden, but what I did read I enjoyed very much.

8th September - Thursday

Lily my dog had an upset stomach, which meant I was up a couple of times in the  night and  was therefore already running on empty. Tea was my saviour - at least it helped me keep functioning.
So other than walking the dog and going to the shop I did not do a great deal today. I had a short read from Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher, this is a chunker of a book and I am only on page 36, hopefully I might complete it during September but I wouldn't bank on it and in the afternoon I added a bit more to my Medieval Queen bookmark. I only have the back stitching and making up to do now
I also worked on Death by Cross Stitch again and this is my progress
It is beginning to grow I know it will take me some time to complete the whole design is over 16 pages. Most of what you see if from page one although going down we go into page 5 and to the right we are on page 2. I am sort of doing it how I feel on the day.  In the evening I chatted to my daughter for awhile before watching this weeks episode of Million Dollar Princesses - this weeks episode was about ladies who had supported the arts so we had  Winnaretta Singer, Sara Murphy and Peggy Guggenheim, it was again very interesting. At bedtime I read from The Secret Garden which is charming and very readable and All Creatures Great and Small which takes me back to Sunday night TV and the series that ran in the late 70's and early 80's and is so far very enjoyable.

9th September - Friday and 10th September  - Saturday

I was blighted with headaches and did no stitching or reading on Friday and on Saturday after going to town with my children and having a snooze in bed early evening I dragged out a freebie cover kit as I wanted to do something that wasn't taxing whilst I stayed in bed and watched an old episode of Downton Abbey on the Kindle (my iPad was charging). Below is what I got done.
The thread in more recent cover kits is not very nice. As my hands are quite rough even after moisturising they tend to hatch against the thread but I should get this finished in the next week or so, there is about an hour or so's stitching to be done. There are two other designs in this freebie and I may get them done as well and made up into the little cards.

Because of my headaches Viennese Waltz did not get worked on during Saturday and no more progress on Death by Cross Stitch which is now being put away for the time being.

11th September - Sunday

 I still wasn't feeling too good today, headache gone but feeling a bit woozy for want of a better word. Took dog out and thankfully today it was lovely and sunny if quite a bit cooler, I was grateful I decided to wear my fleece.  So what do you do when you are feeling less than good - you have a new start :-)

Having kitted this design up last month after deciding on the colour scheme I wanted to do I started working on Scheherazade by Papillon Creations in the Aladdin Colourway with one change, as I am not using the Hand dyed floss but the DMC conversion I swapped out 535 which to my eyes is a grey to 3860 which is a shade more like Chocco Latte which is the Hand dyed named thread. I am stitching it on 28ct Light Peach Jobelan fast becoming a favourite fabric.
This was my practise piece and what the whole design looks like

This is the progress I made the central panel done and marked the section going up and then worked in the section going down. I love this colour palette, although it is a shame that the camera does not pick up the two different shades of greens/blues too well, that is what happens when you pick a muted palette I suppose. But this palette contains my all time favourite DMC shade of 316 which is the pinky shade you can see here.
The TV was on but only as background noise really this evening as I was concentrating on this, so no commentary on what I watched today.

At bedtime after being on Social media for a time (need to stop this) I managed to read a chapter of Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine, this has been on my Currently reading for well over a month and I want to get this read (her first book, which I have not read before but read many others which I have loved) before being able to read her latest book which is on my ever growing TBR pile. The chapter was quite long and meant I had a 4% read of the book, so nearly halfway through now. I might continue with this one this week alternating with The Secret Garden so I can make progress.
Plans for the coming week 12th - 18th September

The main thing that is happening this week is my son is returning to Cardiff Metropolitan University for his second year of his Fine Arts degree on Thursday, so most of the week will be taken up with getting him ready to return, making sure he has everything he needs and then taking him back. Stitching wise I need to put some hours in on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet - Letter G as I would like this letter finished by the end of the September and I currently have about 1/3rd done. Other than that I am not sure what I will work on, need to see what calls me I think and also on Saturday I would like to do a little on Viennese Waltz.

So that's it for now. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post which I have updated everyday so as to include everything I can think of as opposed to my usual doing it in one go and not remembering what I did or didn't do.

Bye for now
take care

Lisa x

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