Monday, 10 October 2016

Update 10th October 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

So what happened over the last week

Monday - 3rd October

As usual I was up early. So I got  my  morning reading in before my husband got up for breakfast (he was working from home). I continued with my daily reading from The Blue Fairy book and read a sizable chunk of Holy Island which being a crime book I am enjoying.

I was a little naughty today in that I had a new start. I was going to start this back in January and as I was doing loads of other things it got put away but I am me and these things happen so below is my small start although several hours of stitching on Capricorn from Heaven and Earth Designs artwork by Josephine Wall, it is on 18 ct white aida 2 strands over 1 block of aida full crosses.
We are looking at years of work here as I know I wont be able to concentrate on it for weeks at a time.
Later I did some more on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter H
and I am pleased with how this is coming along.
In the evening I worked on Simon actually Orangutans by Jayne Netley Mayhew, I decided to work on some of the leafy bit just to break up the continual browns and rusts
and again I was pleased with the progress made.
As it was Monday I watched this weeks episode of Cold Feet and I enjoyed this one more than the last couple. In bed I continued with Winnie the Pooh which is just charming and The Moving Finger which I think is a Marple book but four chapters in she is yet too appear.

Tuesday - 4th October

I was up earlyish and cracked on with getting my blog post up having not done it on Monday like I normally do. After breakfast, showering and taking the dog for her walk I pottered about for awhile and sorted out some fabric to do the Lakeside Fantasy SAL on after deciding to order this. It has been running for a couple of months now and having seen the updates on it I want to do it. My goal is to do the border between now and the end of the year and then do one block a month Jan - Dec 2017. Once the thread pack has arrived I will start on it. Below is the fabric which is from Crafty Kitten - it is Icicles with added pink on Opal Brittney (I bought this with a specific project in mind that I never started so it is good it is now getting used)
In reality it does not look quite as pink and you cannot see the sparkle which is there.

As we have had a couple of good bright dry days I got out and mowed the lawns and picked up all the apple fallers from out big tree in our front garden. The mowing although weather was dry was very damp with dew, but at least I got it done before the rain returns.

I worked on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter H - I am currently doing about 1 hr a day and that seems to be my comfort level of stitching on 20 ct aida 2 over 1, after that length of time I seem to get sore fingers as it is quite difficult at times getting needle and thread through fabric.
My aim for my next stitching session is to complete the  lower box and that should not be too difficult.
In the evening I worked on Simon again and although I did about two hours stitching I was a little slower as my right eye was a bit weepy, it might be a result of working in the garden grass pollen possibly.
I added more browns to the left hand side. I think in my next session I may try and fill in a bit of the Orangutan itself.

I watched the third part of National Treasure it is still very good and I have a feeling it is the wife that holds the key to what did happen in the past. The storyline is quite sordid at times but is very well acted and we shouldn't shy away from things that are unsavoury or unpalatable. I did not read in bed due to my eye being weepy and I think that effected my quality of sleep as it took  me an age to get off to sleep.

Wednesday - 5th October 

So Wednesday was a day of reading, stitching, baking and watching too much TV.  So I did approximately an hours stitching on Prarie Schooler Alphabet Letter H as I have done on the previous days in October and I finished off the bottom section which was my goal.

In the afternoon I baked a Chocolate Victoria Sandwich I have not made one for a long time and I just fancied one so I made one.

I read from several books and made good progress on my October TBR list. Since I have started writing down what I am reading I seem to be getting through more. I am particularly enjoying the Kindle loan book Holy Island the first in the DCI Ryan mystery series by LJ Ross, I think I will continue with the series when I have completed this book.

After dinner we settled down for a night of TV, we watched this weeks episode of Lucifer which we both love. We then watched last nights Westworld premier episode on Catch-up and both me and my husband think it has promise. I vaguely remember the movie with Yul Brynner but it is a long time since I saw it. As it is Wednesday it was Bake Off night and tonight's episode was OK and think this whole current series has been a little flat if I am honest and I have not liked all the rounds they have chosen which hasn't helped. Finally we watched DCI Banks I think it might be the last in this current series as we finally got to the bottom of what has been going on in previous episodes, it certainly wasn't a two part storyline like previous weeks have been. Whilst I was viewing TV I was of course stitching and tonight I decided I needed a break from all the browns and greens on Simon and so chose instead to work on my variegated floss piece Death by Cross Stitch by Long Dog Samplers and below is where I got to
I worked on the diagonal bit coming down toward the left hand side from the right of the Unicorn, I managed about 2.5 hrs stitching I am not managing quite as much as I normally do as I have wrenched my left shoulder/neck and it is quite painful and being a left handed stitcher the pain is slowing me up, but as I keep saying one stitch in is one less to go and I am really loving how this is looking.

Thursday - 6th October

I was up around 6 am  so I decided to read two stories from The Blue Fairy Book, this is an ongoing book for October, I read one or two a day. The stories I read were familiar Cinderella and Aladdin and I am enjoying this book far more than I thought I would. I don't read many short story books and if by reading this helps me look more at them it will have been a good move and I really like fairy tales and some in this book I am not familiar with so I am  learning about new ones as well. I also did my hours session on the Prarie Schooler Alphabet Letter H. I worked up the left side border and whilst doing that I watched Book and Floss Tube videos on my watch list.
When I went shopping today I finally received one of the new £5 notes in my change. Surprisingly I quite like it. I think the security features are pretty cool and it does not feel as plastic as I thought it would
and my Amazon pre-order of the book Replica arrived
This is a book where you can read a couple of chapters from this characters story and then flip the book and read from the other characters viewpoint
Or read the complete part of one and then the other it is up to you. I really like the concept of this book I just hope the story lives up to it. Having never read anything by this author I have no expectations and I actually don't know a great deal about the plot and for me that is a good thing. If I get through my current TBR I will then read this - if not it is definitely in November reading plan.

My shoulder was still paining me in the afternoon so I had a nap - I clearly needed it and did feel more refreshed after.

In the evening I watched a bit of TV including  last nights documentary by the actress/comedian Sally Phillips on Down Syndrome it was very thought provoking and having raised a child with special needs albeit not Downs, it did resonate quite strongly with me. Are we headed towards Eugenics again I hope not.  On a lighter note I also watched the start of the new series of the Apprentice - I never understand why they come out with such utter tripe to try and sell themselves they just come across as prats. Oh well it is entertaining if nothing else. I worked on Simon filling in bits of his face

He is going to look superb when completed but it is going to be a long haul with this. So far I am just over 57 hrs of stitching on it. In bed I finished reading Winnie the Pooh such a sweet book and read another chapter of The Moving Finger  - Miss Marple still has not appeared yet.

Friday - 7th October 2016

We were up early as my husband had a long drive to work and I like to make sure he has had breakfast on such days particularly when he has been so tired of late (he is always tired but more tired than usual), also I needed to get the dog walk in a little earlier as I was having my hair cut first thing. Well I say cut just a tidy up and my curtain (fringe/bangs) trimmed so that I can see out again. Just before leaving for the hairdresser the post came with my floss for the Lakeside Fantasy SAL and below is the floss on the fabric I am using
I think it will look just fine on this and I am going to attempt to get all the border done between now and the New Year. Of course I made a start on it and here is where I got to
I also did some more work on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet
and in the evening I finished the back stitching on Medieval Garden bookmark and did a little more on the Daffodils one but not enough to warrant a photo. We were a little later to bed so I did not read bedtime, but I did finish two books Persuasion by Jane Austen which I have been listening to - Juliet Stephenson was the narrator and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I also finished a cosy crime book called Wicked Autumn - this sadly wasn't as good as I thought it would be but I will probably continue with the series as the book did pick up in the second half of the story. I also started to listen to the final Harry Potter book and I hope to finish listening to it this month.

Saturday - 8th October 

October 8th is a sad day for me as it was on this day 9 years ago my eldest sister was determined to have died after suffering an aneurysm the previous day. I miss her terribly and although I am now no longer filled with sadness, it does sadden me to think she never saw what her children ( of whom she was fiercely proud) have achieved.

As always I was up early and so worked a little more on my Lakeside Fantasy SAL border whilst watching You Tube.
We were very slow in getting going and the dog did not get her walk until nearly 11 am. After lunch we decided to go to Gloucester and have a wander about and that made a pleasant change as we rarely go somewhere in the afternoon. If we go out it does tend to be in the morning. On returning home I finished my Medieval Garden bookmark by Textile Heritage
and then I did a very little on my Viennese Waltz by Heritage Crafts just before watching Strictly Come Dancing and then a little after it. Not much progress this week just filled in the gap by the mans face and worked up to where you can see the unfinished stitches.
Next week I will do more on this as I would like to get it at least half done by the end of the year.

In bed I read from Holy Island I was close to a finish but I was just so tired I had to put the Kindle down and try and get some sleep. I am still suffering with pain in my left shoulder all the way across to the bottom of my head on the left. It means I am not sleeping so well (well worse than normal I never have lots of sleep) and am finding it hard to get comfortable. I sure it is muscular but I wish it would sort itself out - fed up with it now.

Sunday - 9th October 

I was up early and decided to read this morning as I did not feel up to stitching. So I finished Holy Island which I enjoyed and have now borrowed the second book in the series from Kindle Library Loans (Prime member perk), I also read two fairy tales from the Blue Fairy Book - Rumplestiltskin which was as I remembered it and Beauty and the Beast which although same in outcome the actual story is different from what I remember. I am really enjoying this book and I have had it on my Kindle from when I got my first one about 5 or 6 years ago and it was a freebie download. I then started another crime/thriller book called The Primrose Path - I read a couple of chapters and it looks promising. I also started to read the book you can see above undeneath my bookmark finish The Girl from the Savoy. I have read Hazel Gaynor's previous two books which I thoroughly enjoyed and this has started off well so I have high hopes for this one also. I need to get this one read as it is a library loan and it has reserves against it and is due back on the 20th. I should be able to get it read this week without too much difficulty.

After walking the dog we did a dump run with all the garden waste that I have bagged recently. We needed the car windows open on the journey as the smell of silage and rotting apples is not the best fragrance to start your day with.

In the afternoon and early evening I worked on Lakeside Fantasy SAL and caught up with some crime dramas that I have been watching
I am pleased with the progress I have made. Later I did a little more stitching on my Daffodils bookmark
We also watched the final episode of Victoria. Both my husband and I have really enjoyed this series and it will be back next year. This current series went up to the birth of her first child so there is plenty of scope for more considering she reigned for 60 years. I enjoyed it so much I started reading the Kindle book by Daisy Goodwin called Victoria (fiction) as it was on offer for 99p and it is good so far. I managed to read 7% before my eyes said enough.

So that's its for this week.
Bye for now

love Lisa x


  1. What great progress you have made. I particularly like the Orangutans by Jayne Netley Mayhew.

  2. Awesome progress on all of your projects Lisa. I love Simon.



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