Monday, 17 October 2016

Update 17th October 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

Firstly, a big thank you for the comments on last weeks blog and yes Simon (Orangutans) is a lovely project and when finished I know I will be so pleased with it.

So what happened over the last week

Monday - 10th October 2016

The morning was spent on dog walk, housework and going to town to visit the library. I had a couple of books to go back and of course a few reservations to pick up. In the afternoon I worked on Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter H
and listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I am pleased with the progress.

After dinner I settled down to do some  more work on Simon (Orangutans by Jayne Netley Mayhew) and ended up watching 4 episodes from Season One of Outlander - a bit of a comfort viewing. I know the story fairly well having read and listened to the book several times, either way I enjoyed my evening and am very pleased with the progress I made
I worked on the browns on the left hand side, in my next session I think I will fill in the gaps on the arm. We were a little later going to bed and for this reason I did not read but wish I had as I had another lousy nights sleep.

Tuesday - 11th October

Up early as my husband goes to the office which is two hours away on Tuesdays so I updated my blog whilst having breakfast then sat down and stitched on my Heaven and Earth Designs Capricorn - artwork by Josephine Wall.

 I did another hours stitching before taking the dog for her morning walk which was quite spooky as the mist had not lifted and it was cold.

Later in the morning I worked on my Lakeside Fantasy SAL and I am making good progress
After doing housework and taking the dog for another walk. The afternoon was bright sunshine so we walked along the canal and I saw a fox sunbathing on the opposite bank to us - a lovely sight. I sat down and did a little more on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter H
and in the evening I worked on Simon again
TV viewing wise I watched a few more episodes of Outlander Season 1 before watching the final episode of National Treasure - it was a strange ending in my mind. He was found not guilty although from flashbacks it was implied he was guilty and his wife ended up leaving him. Still well acted but for me an unsatisfactory end to the story. In bed I continued reading Victoria, it is very much following the plot of the TV series but perhaps with a little more detail. I suppose as it is based on factual things there are only so many ways it can be expressed. Nevertheless I am enjoying it and managed to read about 40 pages which is good for me. I also had a better nights sleep even still being in pain with my shoulder. Perhaps it was all the fresh air plus the early start that helped.

Wednesday - 12th October

I did not get up until after 6 am today which in recent times is good for me. After breakfast I took the dog for her walk accompanied by my husband today before he went off on the train.

I decided to spend the day working on Death by Cross Stitch as I only work on it one day per week I thought I might as well give it the whole day. So after housework I settled down to stitching on it and listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

In the evening  I watched some more episodes of Outlander Season 1, Bake Off  and the new series of Missing. This one is going to be a struggle I think as it keeps flitting back and forth in time and therefore you need your wits about you to keep up.
This is where I got to with the stitching and I am really pleased with the progress. I am hoping to complete page 1 next week. As you can see from the photo I have already worked across into Page Two and down into Page Five. I wanted to get to where the border patterns ended.

In bed I read a very little from Victoria but I was quite tired and thankfully had a good nights sleep.

Thursday - 13th October

I think I was suffering from a little bit of burnout on Thursday having stitched for over 6 hrs on Wednesday. So I did no stitching whatsoever until the evening. It was another lovely day so I did a bit of garden clearance cutting back more brambles and I cleared a good area of the garden so that was good. I read from four books - The Blue Fairy Book and Lady of Hay during the early evening and The Romanovs - The Final Chapter (non fiction) and more from Victoria at bedtime. We watched this weeks episode of Lucifer and then this weeks Apprentice ( a hopeless bunch this year). I did eventually do some stitching on my Daffodils bookmark by Textile Heritage,
and I am pleased with the progress I made.

Friday - 14th October

We had a new shower installed which will make life easier and quicker to get going in the  morning. I finished part one of the Lakeside Fantasy SAL border. This took me just over 10.5 hrs over 5 days.
Whilst I was stitching on this I continued listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I am now 2/3rds through this final book.

In the evening I caught up on Thursday nights crime drama, Paranoid and The Fall before watching Have I Got News For You and Gogglebox prior to going to bed. Whilst watching the crime dramas I continued working on my Daffodils bookmark
and this one is getting there too. I read from Victoria again in bed but only for a short while I was very tired and was probably asleep by 10.45pm which is early for me.

Saturday - 15th October 2016

We went to Coventry to see our daughter and her boyfriend. It was lovely to see her and where she is living for her final year. Because the journey to see her takes an hour and a half each way we only stayed long enough to go  out for a meal before returning home. The reason for this is  I do not like leaving the dog alone for too long, as it was we were gone for over 5  hours.
As it is Saturday I worked on Viennese Waltz and I am really pleased with the progress I made this week
I got the ladies arms and sleeves done and filled in some of the purples above arm area. Next week I need to sort out the mans sleeve as it doesn't appear quite right on what I have marked on the chart so I think there may be a bit of frogging to start. Oh well never mind. And of course I watched Strictly Come Dancing and it was a good one tonight. The standard is high this year and those that are less competent seem to be at least trying which is all you can ask really. In bed I read from The Moving Finger (still no Miss Marple) and a little from Victoria but my eyes were saying sleep.

Sunday - 16th October 2016

 It was quite rainy to start so we waited until it had dried up before taking the dog for a walk. After lunch we went to the cinema and watch The Girl on The Train. I read the book last year and they changed the location from London to New York but apart from that and the fact that even trying to make Emily Blunt dowdy, she wasn't quite as I imagined the character. That said I enjoyed the film.

Later in the afternoon  I worked on Simon (Orangutans) for the last time until the New Year, whilst watching The Golden Compass which happened to be on as I was flicking through the stations. Here is were I got to with Simon
Still an awful lot to do on him but he is part of my main rotations system for next year so with a bit of luck he  may get completed in 2017.

In the evening we watched Bridge of Spies which was very good and I worked on my Daffodils bookmark. Just some blue stitching to do and the back stitch, so I should complete this in the next week.

I then watched Tutankhamen which is now on in the place Victoria occupied for the previous weeks and I was really enjoying it but made the mistake of laying on the couch and I did drop off to sleep for a few minutes. I don't think I missed anything important.

I did no reading today just too tired come bed time.

So that's it for another week. Quite a bit of stitching and progress and some reading but not as much as I would have liked.

Bye for now

Take Care

Lisa x


  1. Nice to see others are watching Outlander as well! I am currently reading Voyager, but I am all caught up on the series. Looking forward to more.

    Side note: I want to see more progress on Capricorn! It is such a beautiful piece!

  2. You have had a very busy, productive week Lisa. All your WIPs are looking fantastic.


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