Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Update 4th October 2016

Hi Blogger Friends,

Firstly thank you for the comment on my previous post and apologies for being a day late posting
This is what we saw whilst walking the dog sunshine through the trees on a lovely autumn day.

So what happened this week
26th September - Monday

I was up quite early and because we are on holiday until Wednesday I let my Hubby lay in whilst I drank a cup of tea and read from three books. After breakfast and walking the dog, I received a reel of blue aida band which I purchased from a Facebook friend to do more bookmarks the photo below is the one she sent me to see if I wanted it. Which I did and I will be able to make quite a few bookmarks with this - so thank you Lynne for offering it to me.
We then went to Cirencester for a wander and to do some grocery shopping at the Aldi there (are town does not have one yet). Normally when I go to Ciren I have a pasty for my lunch, on this visit however the shop was under refurbishment so I did not have one - boo hoo!!!. Nevermind it was probably better for my waistline.

After lunch I continued with reading and later listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - I am trying to complete this by the end of the  month.

In the evening I added the back stitching to the Scotties and Westies Bookmark and also had an hour long Facetime session with my daughter.
I am always amazed at how long the back stitching takes, generally double the time you think it will. I also made a start on my next bookmark which is the second in the Medieval series and this one is called Medieval Garden

I watched Cold Feet (it's OK but I am not enjoying it quite as much as the first episode, just finding it a little predicable which is a shame) and in bed I read 3 chapters of The Secret Garden.

Tuesday - 27th September

Today, my husband was still on holiday so we went out for lunch and then went into town for a short while. My husband kindly bought me a new Kindle Paperwhite in white. I have wanted this type of Kindle for some time as it will make reading in bed much easier being back lit. I went to get a cover for it but the one they had available was £25 and very  ugly I was able to order a pretty one form Amazon later in the day.

I spent quite a bit of the day reading and I did do stitching working on Prairie Schooler Alphabet Letter G - slowly but surely getting there.
I finished off my Scotties and Westies bookmark
and made a little more progress on my Medieval Garden one
I watched the second episode of National Treasure this evening. It is still fairly ambiguous as to whether or not the main character did rape/ sexually abuse the victims and with the character of the daughter having memory issues makes it even more hard to work out what you think has or hasn't happened. It is a very good drama on a very unsavoury topic.

In bed I read more of The Secret Garden - still enjoying it.

Wednesday - 28th September

I was on my own on Wednesday so it was a case of housework, changing beds etc. Whilst doing other things.

My Kindle cover turned up this morning and I love it

It became a day of finishes. In between housework I read and I finished my library book The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. This is the first in a series of crime mystery books featuring an 11 year old girl called Flavia de Luce. They are set in 1950's England. I really enjoyed the book, my only issue was that Flavia did seem older than 11, but in his afterword the author calls her precocious so perhaps that is what I was feeling.
I will continue with the series. I also finished listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - this is the 6th book in the series and having only read the first three prior to this year I did not realise just how dark the books get. It was very good and Stephen Fry's narration was excellent as usual. There is something to be said for a good narrator if you are listening as opposed to reading a book as I think it really effects your enjoyment of it.

I also finally finished my Letter G from the Prairie Schooler Alphabet this one took me 22hrs and 50 minutes to complete. Over the weekend I will start on Letter H - probably on Sunday.
As it was Wednesday it was Bake Off night and this weeks was more enjoyable but then there was cake involved - I think this probably has more to do with me than the programme. We then watched this weeks episode of DCI Banks and you  may remember last week I stated that it ended with a main character being stabbed. Well to my surprise they did kill her off and so the episode was about her boss who also happened to be in love with her searching for who did it. Now don't get me wrong it was a really strong episode but in reality even without a personal involvement DCI Banks would not have been allowed to deal with the case they would have brought in an outside team. A little quibble and also as a professional he would not have put his coat over her dead body and contaminated the scene so unprofessional. You can see I get a bit involved.

Another aside nothing to do with my usual Stitching or Books but I was watching some You Tube a  book tuber talking about their October TBR and they mentioned a Roald Dahl adult short stories book called Deception. Well when I think of Roald Dahl and adult short stories I think of Tales of the Unexpected and so then I had the TV theme tune going through my head - I absolutely love it. So this got the old cogs ticking over and I decided to ask others on Facebook what their 3 favourite TV theme tunes were mine are Tales of the Unexpected, Black Beauty and Kidnapped (David's Song). I got some interesting answers both Game of Thrones (whose theme I am not familiar with) and The Big Bang Theory came up quite regularly. A couple of answer like Inspector Morse and Jonathon Creek I do also like a lot and of course there are things like Dr Who and Star Trek that stick in the brain. The things I think about, but that's me.

In bed I read again from The Secret Garden and it is a very enjoyable book.

Thursday - 29th September 

Today I read quite a bit, spent too much time on the computer and had a major panic about having lost my Forever Project  (HAED Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart)chart. I could not find the PDF on the computer and I only have about 10 pages of the 168 page chart printed out and although I only have one page completed fully it is many hours work and I really do not want to start over. Anyway to cut a long story short  my husband found the PDF on a back up drive that was specially bought for me for my precious charts. We really do live and learn.

My order from the Book Depository finally came three more classics for me to read.
I got Sense and Sensibility and Howard's End because I really love the films of these books. I have read Sense and Sensibility before but have never read any of E M Forster's works. War and Peace is going to be read January and February next year and my reason is just so I can honestly say It's like reading War and Peace - which you hear as quip quite often and having seen the TV series last winter I don't think I am going to dislike it as much as the title itself does not inspire me.

The evening was crime heavy. Over the last couple of evenings I have kept seeing trailers for a documentary called Conviction : Murder at the Station and it peaked my interest so I watched both episodes it was very compelling and quite worrying that someone could be convicted of a murder with very little forensic evidence which then was destroyed. Now I am not sure whether the chap was innocent or was very good at manipulation but nevertheless the actions of the police force were worrying and is interesting to note they have now changed their procedures. If you are in they UK and have access to BBC iPlayer it is well worth 120 minutes of your time. I also watched the opening episode of the final third series of The Fall set in Northern Ireland with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan - it is a very good series this episode I thought a little slow but I believe it will get better and having watched and thoroughly enjoyed the previous two series I will see this through to the end.

I worked on my Medieval Garden Bookmark and below is my progress. I think this one has very pretty colours used in it.
And has been the case for the last week I continued reading The Secret Garden, I may finish it on Friday which would be nice to complete it in September but if not it will definitely be done Saturday.

Friday - 30th September

I decided that as we are coming to the end of September I would  plan my TBR (to be read) list for October. Below are photos of my very overly ambitious plans.Thankfully several of them are on audio so I will listen to those when I am doing housework, cooking etc. The bottom two books are carry overs. Lady of Hay I am nearly halfway through and Persuasion I have just started listening/reading.

I have planned to read a couple of Victorian books - Great Expectations and The Blue Fairy Book because on Book Tube there is Victober and it is my attempt at joining in. I am  also reading Winnie The Pooh as he turns 90 this October and I decided to read a biography for my Non fiction book in October and  as Cary Grant is my favourite actor from the golden age of Hollywood, I thought why not read the biography on him that I have. It is quite possible that I won't get to them all but I will give it a good go.

Well Friday was a day of reading. I finished Better than Before a non fiction book about habits, which had some very good points if a little preachy at times. The Elizabeth Papers which was a Kindle loan as I am a Amazon Prime member, this was a continuation of Elizabeth and Darcy's story from Pride and Prejudice plus a current day story of a descendant - I really enjoyed this book and I finished reading The Secret Garden, so I have a fresh start for my Mahoosive TBR for October (see above)ow

I continued working on my Medieval Garden Bookmark and below is my progress
It is coming along nicely. I watched a couple of crime dramas whilst stitching Paranoid episode 2 which was taped from Thursday and a new one called The Level. I did not read in bed as I was tired and knew I was getting up early the next day.

Saturday - 1st October

I was up before 5 am, so the day was going to be long. After an early breakfast I stitched on Viennese Waltz and caught up on my book tube and floss tube video on my watch list. I read the first story from The Blue Fairy Book (I will read one a day during October), it was ok but really killing dogs isn't high on my list of good things, but fairy tales can be very dark. I also read a couple of chapters of the biography of Cary Grant and I think I am going to enjoy this book. I also started on my latest Kindle Loan which is Holy Island a crime book and so far I am hooked. And because the weather was pretty dire in the morning ( so me and the dog did not go out) I read from Wicked Autumn. So a good start to my October TBR lets hope I can keep it up.

The post came mid morning and  I received another bookmark kit this time Celtic Jewel and I received a bookmark chart booklet called Bookmarks for the Seasons
After lunch I took the dog for her walk, we went along the canal today and I saw the kingfisher so that was a pleasant surprise. I made a start on Letter H of the Prairie Schooler Alphabet
before returning to work on  my Viennese Waltz.
I listened to an audio book whilst stitching until late afternoon when I watched some TV an old episode of Agatha Christie's  Marple (Geraldine McEwan version) and as it was Saturday I watched Strictly Come Dancing which was very enjoyable, although I will be honest I like it when it gets to less contestants. In bed I read from both Winnie the Pooh, which is very sweet and The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie.

Sunday - 2nd October

We were up and about much earlier than we normally are on a Sunday, and before my husband got up I did some reading. After walking the dog we drove to Cardiff to take our son out for lunch and to get him some shopping. Strangely he did not want a great deal as he had done a shop earlier in the week but he had run out of a few things. He seems to be really enjoying being back in Cardiff which is great. I have one small cause for concern he seems to have a touch of eczema on his arms, I think he is either using too much shower gel/shampoo when showering or too much washing powder when doing his laundry, so I told him to reduce both and if it doesn't clear up go see a pharmacist/doctor as he might need some cream to clear it.

On returning home I decided to watch the Disney film Beauty and the Beast whilst working on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet. I love that film, I think it is one of the better ones and it is one that I actually saw when it came out at the cinema. I took two of my nieces to see it.

I then worked on my Medieval bookmark which I have nearly finished, just more back stitching and the making up to go. It will be completed over the next week.
As I was bored with back stitching I started on my next one. Now I have around 10 bookmark kits so I fanned them out and my husband picked one. Below is my progress on Daffodils. I worked on this whilst watching this weeks episode of Victoria which I am loving. To be honest I was not a great fan of Jenna Coleman in Dr Who, so she has been a pleasant surprise as Victoria and the chap playing Albert is very easy on the eyes.
In bed I read again from both Winnie the Pooh and The Moving Finger and I am enjoying both.

So that's it for this week. I know I ramble on but heigh-ho this is as much an aide memoir for me as anything else.

So until next week which will be back to Monday, bye bye

love Lisa x

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