Monday, 11 September 2017

11th September 2017 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Thanks to everyone who read and or commented on last weeks blog post.

So this is what I have been up to over the last week

Prairie Schooler Alphabet

I started the week with this project here
and this is where I got to by Sunday 10th September
Very pleased with the progress I am making on this project.


I started the week with this project here
and here is where I got to by Sunday 10th September

I am pleased with the progress, as I keep reiterating mainly for myself this project will be finished before the New Year. Doing an hour a day on it means I do not fall out of love with the project.

Parrot Tulips

So Monday 4th saw the start of my  new 4 weekly rotation and Parrot Tulips is the first project to be worked on. This was my starting point
and this is where I got to by Friday 8th September.
I have joined a group on  FB called The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group and they have a challenge where you count stitches. The goal for this month is 3,184 the total number of members of the group at the beginning of September. This design includes quite a lot of half stitch, you have to count 2 half stitches to = 1 whole stitch. I managed to put in the equivalent of 1,993 stitches into this project over 5 evenings I am really pleased with the progress I made.

Viennese Waltz

This is where I left it last week
and where I got to on Saturday 9th September
I managed to do a couple of hours in between watching the launch show of Strictly Come Dancing. As you can see I managed to do more of the background behind the stitchers, hopefully next week I will get to the lady's head. As for SCD  I guessed quite a few of the pairings correctly. The season proper starts in two weeks time and I will enjoy it. This programme, The Apprentice and Bake Off are the only reality shows I watch these days all the other ones just irritate me.

Strawberry Thief

This is where I left it last week
and below is where I got to with it on Sunday 10th September.
So as you can see I continued working on the inner border. It is coming along if a little slowly but as I only spend 2 - 3 hrs a week on it, this will be the case as working on navy fabric does take me a little longer.

On the 5th I finished stitching my Birthstone ATC for the exchange I am in on FB, this is the design I stitched and as the recipient has received it I can post it in this weeks update and claim my £2 credit for my Stitch from Stash for September.
This tiny design 23 x 42 stitches used 15 colours in the cross stitching plus one blended shade of two more colours and 6 shades of back stitching. It took me 6 and 3/4 hrs to stitch and make up. Because I finished this one so quickly I signed up for the second exchange for September. The theme for that one is Houses. Again once I have completed it and it has been received I will post a photo here on my blog.

TV and Books

I continued to watch Victoria which I am really enjoying and also watched the concluding episode of the first story of Strike which was good if like I said last time a bit slow at times. I also finished watching The Mist, now this was a bit hit and miss for me but the final episode had me really gripped so if they make another season I will continue watching. I also watched some episodes of How To Get Away with Murder, I am now into Season Two and likewise with The Americans. It's funny we have had the subscription TV services of Netflix and Amazon for a couple of years but it is only recently that I have started using them fully. Doctor Foster second season started this week, this time it is 5 episodes and all I can say is I would  not want her as my doctor she is a trifle unhinged.

I haven't read much this week but have started to listen to A Discovery of Witches (this is a re-read) and I am really enjoying it. My actual reading bug has gone on a walk I hope it comes back soon, although I do feel sometimes you need a break so as to fully enjoy your next story.

On Saturday night I started reading The Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor
I have loved the story of the two girls who convinced post WWI Britain that they had seen fairies and photographed them. I have read all of Hazel Gaynor's previous novels and none has been less than a 4 star read for me. I pre ordered this book for my Kindle when it was first mooted back in Autumn 2016 I wanted to read it that much. It was delivered to my Kindle on Thursday and bearing in mind I am struggling a bit with reading at the moment, I am pleased I got to start reading it within two days. I managed to read two chapters before I hit myself in the head with my iPad having nodded off, but what I have read so far I think I am going to really enjoy it. On another note I actually prefer the US cover for this book but I suppose you cannot have everything. I had hoped to continue the book Sunday bedtime, but was so tired I went straight to sleep.

Out and About and Other Stuff

On Monday we went to Weston-Super-Mare for a day trip and I think we all had fun and thankfully the car journey was just over an hour there which for the M5 in summer is good going, that said a lot of schools went back on Monday so that probably helped
Photo is of me and Tom (my son) on the Grand Pier. I had a game of table hockey I think it is called with my husband Simon and he won this time. Playing that does bring out the competitive side of me, but I don't think I could have played many games as my shoulder was hurting after one.

On Sunday we had our regular Slow Cooker Gammon Roast Dinner but I made a crumble for afters using apples from the old tree in our front garden.
Before it went in oven :-)  It was really nice, the apples were fairly sharp but not tart,which is how I like it.

Anyway that's it for this week,

Bye for now

Happy Stitching

Lisa x


  1. Great job Lisa!
    I am behind on Bake Off by at least two seasons: we don't have cable anymore and that is the only show I miss
    Happy days!

  2. Awesome progress on all of them Lisa.



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