Sunday, 23 December 2012

An Update

Well firstly after 22 days of no chocolate and eating sensibly, the last couple of days I have eaten like a little piggy, chocolate, biscuits , cheese. You name it, it has gone into my stomach. Well I know this side of Christmas there is absolutely no point in trying to revert to my healthy plan, but come the 27th that is what I intend to do, as that will see both Christmas Day and Boxing Day's Picky Tea (buffet) out of the way. I may even do a couple of porridge days to cleanse my system. (Porridge Day = 3 Bowls of porridge throughout the day which gives sufficient energy without adding to any problems and is what I do when I am unwell, and I have not come to any harm yet).

I have also not managed to maintain my 10,000 steps per day in the last week but that has been mostly down to the appalling weather. Although I did do a really good walk to town plus shopping and back home in under an hour, which is good going.

Now for the more interesting stuff my crafting. Well I spent the first couple of days this week trying to continue with my learning of crochet. Still cannot get past the third round on my granny square before going wrong, but I am improving. When I finally achieve a successful one I will post a pic, hopefully it won't be too long before I can do this.

My first finish this week was on a scarf that I started some time ago and then lost the pattern. So this week I finished it off and decided to join the short ends so it now becomes more of a cowl type scarf.

This is the finished scarf folded in half. The yarn was a cheap chunky purchase from Shaws the draper, cannot remember the make.

and here is me wearing it wrapped twice

The next thing I worked on was an old UFO called Blackbirds by All Through The Night. I am stitching it on 32ct Lambswool linen and using Glissengloss Colorwash Japanese Silk in shade 591 which has shades of Black, Brown and Dark Grey.

Here is what the finished design should look a bit like, although they used a Valdani thread in this model. A good cheap floss to use for this would have been DMC Color Variation 4000, but I did not have it when I started this.

and this is how far I have got

I managed a couple of hours on this project over the last week. I then turned my attentions to another UFO I have had for quite some time, having seen a completed version of this, which is Polstitches Designs Floral Needle Keeper

Below is my starting point this week

Next is where I have got to over the week

and finally a close up of the area I have been working on

I am hoping to return to this project over the next week before returning to my rotation system on the 31st December 2012.

Finally, this Christmas and New Year (which is also my birthday) are being quite frugal, that said my husband Simon did get me The Sampler Girl Valentine Booklet in download form and last night in between watching the wonderful Stitctly Come Dancing Final I stitched a Spot of Tea from this booklet. The materials used were a piece of Polstitches Opal linen from a grab bag, possibly Tudor Rose and Carrie's Creations Floss in Dried Sage, Dusty Rose and Tiger Eye. I really enjoyed stitching this and now need to decide how I am going to finish it off. Finishing is an area I am not so good at, but I think it is something I need to improve upon in the next year.


  1. Your scarf is lovely. Great new start on A Little Tea. Wasn't SCD great. Good luck with your weight loss.

    1. Thanks Lesleyanne, yes SCD was brilliant.


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