Friday, 4 January 2013

Crazy Challenges 2013 - Day Three

So day three of the challenges :-

2013 Crazy January Challenge

I decided to pick a chart that I have had for quite some time and is called Tired Wings from Celtic Rose Needlecraft.

As you will see from the second photo I have not made much progress. This was mainly to the time it took me to measure, cut and hem the fabric and find out all the floss. The chart requires 76 different colours and after going through my floss boxes I am still 12 short, two of which were required for the start. Anyway I muddled on as best I could.

This is what it will hopefully look like when I finish it.

and this is what I stitched. I am stitching it on 32 ct white jobelan. I am hoping to return to this one shortly.

CrosstitchCrazy 2013

I picked the Autumn Scissor Cradle and Fob set from issue 91 of Itch to Stitch the Cross Stitch Guild magazine designed by Jane Greenoff.

This is the front view of the finished project
and the back view
and here is my photo of the first half of the projects stitching completed. I used DMC threads and 28ct Antique Ivory Cashel Linen (Cream Cashel was suggested but I did not have any).

Also today I received another birthday card and floss from the Heart and Stitches FB group this time from Pia Whitaker.

She sent me a cute owl card and a skein of threadwork overdyed cotton and a Rainbow Gallery PB Treasure Braid. I love them both :-)


  1. You may not have done much but it'll look gorgeous when it's done!
    I'm not brave enough to do the crazy January Challenge, although considering how many things I want to stitch, I probably ought to just to give myself a fighting chance! Look forward to seeing more, not seen a Celtic Rose chart stitched up before.

    1. Thanks. I have a half stitched Celtic Rose design called My Fair Lady and it looks great, I dont know if you are on Facebook, if so it is in my UFO album.

  2. Beautiful chart choice, it looks wonderful. I'm always surprised how long setting up for stitching can take. A lovely start though.

    1. Yes it almost put me off doing it but I have wanted to start it for a long time so glad I spent the time getting all the threads together. Thank you for your comment :-)


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