Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pink Cinderella update Jan 25th 2013

This week was my rotation work on Joan Elliott's Cinderella the Pink Version. I have been working on the steps area down from the palace using my changed colour palette but was not happy with how it was looking so frogged all the lilac/purple I had stitched and then restarted putting in the more lilacy/blue colours from the original design colour palette as it blends better with the bluey/greys that are already in the steps and palace. I posted a photo the other day in my post Blogging is Fun of where I had got to before 'frogging'. Below is where I am now, sadly I did not get to complete this area as I had hoped as I have been experiencing headaches this week and that has limited my stitching time.


  1. Poor you, I hope you are feeling a bit better. Beautiful work on your Cinderella.

    1. Yes I am feeling better and thank you for the comment :-)


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