Monday, 18 February 2013

Chatelaine Sleeping Beauty Castle - Update 2

This weekend it was Sleeping Beauty Castle by Chatelaine Designs turn in my weekend rotations. Sadly I only managed 3 hours on it. I just could not get motivated to sit at my big frame and stitch on her. However any stitching is progress in my book. The fabric I have used is Polstitches 28ct Regency Jobelan and I am using the recommended floss. I will try and get a little more done in four weeks time, I am still on part 1.  The photo below is where I have got to.


  1. Hello!

    It's looking lovely, every stitch counts!

    1. Hi Meggie, yes you are quite right every stitch counts :-)

  2. I agree, any kind of progress is good! This piece is looking great!

  3. Looks great no matter how far you are.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Looking forward to watching this progress.

  5. It looks lovely. Any progress is progress however small.

  6. beautiful progress :D I love that chatelaine


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