Friday, 15 February 2013

Mirabilia January Garnet Fairy Update 15th Feb 2013

This week I have been working on Mirabilia January Garnet Fairy as my main rotation project. I managed to get 8 hrs work done on her. I would have been working on her tonight but I am enjoying a glass of wine and am going to start on my Mother's Day card as it is quite a large design and I am fitting it in when I have a spare few minutes. The fabric used in the above photo is Polstitches 32ct Rustic rhubarb and its gorgeous :-)


  1. What a great design. You have got so much done it.


  2. Thanks Lesleyanne, I think she is beginning to take shape and I love the fabric I chose to stitch her on, it just works :-)

  3. Great progress! I love everything about this...great pattern, beautiful colors,the fabric is perfect, and your stitching is lovely!

    1. Thank you Annie, for your lovely comments :-)


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