Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Bit of This and That

Sometimes life gets in the way. This is how it has been for me this last week. I have been under quite a bit of stress as my Dad is in hospital. He went in to have his lungs drained and have a biopsy taken. Well he had a bit of a reaction to the anaesethic  and since then has not been really with it. Also they only drained the right lung and so now the left lung is infected which they are treating with a strong antibiotic as they don't want to put him under again. He is improving but they won't discharge him until the lung has cleared and his oxygen levels have reached a satisfactory level. I went and visited him yesterday and as I have not seen him in over a year there was a noticeable difference. Suddenly he is an old man.

Now the stress I have been under has also effected my return to a healthier me plan (I don't like the word diet - just makes me hungry saying the word). I am now 5 weeks in to monitoring my food and exercise via Spark People and up until last week I had lost 9lbs, this week I have put on 2lbs, but this again is down to stress and me comfort eating Lemon Muffins. I know it won't all vanish over night, but I think I have got to the point now where one little hiccup will not stop me from keeping to the plan.

We have had some lovely weather last week and on one afternoon my daughter and I took our dog Lily for her usual walk but instead of staying to the path we went and took her for a swim in the stream. Up until this year this would not have been possible as it was really filthy, but they have been doing a clean up and the water was lovely and clean and we also saw a couple of ducks on the water.

 Lily having her first swim of the year

As for cross stitch well I have only done a little on a card which I am hoping to finish today.

As for my Stitching Plan which was in my previous post I will return to this on the 1st April which will see me stitching on Chrysanthemum Fairy and will be Day 9 of working that project. As a slight amendment to this plan all projects I will work on for 30 days then have a 7 day break, before returning to the ones I intend to complete or putting aside the larger ones for a later date.

I have been crafting this week doing garter stitch squares I am now on my third which I as knitting to make into a cat blanket for Battersea Dogs and Cat Home. This requires 25 squares so it will be a bit of time yet before I get there. I am not the fastest knitter. These I intend to continue with when I am sat watching TV as I can do these without looking.

Yesterday I decided I was finally going to crack crochet granny squares. It has taken me over 15 years to get to any level of competancy and I had a beginner book, but just wasn't getting it. Yesterday I found the following pattern  Attic 24 : Summer Garden Granny Square and it finally seems to have clicked into place. Now I know I need to work on tension, but overall I am happy with my efforts. The spoke part of the pattern in round 1 made it so much easier for me to progress to the next couple of rounds and I crochet this in the car on the way to the hospital. I so want to be able to make a granny square blanket like my Nan used to make.

So for the coming week I intend to complete the Margaret Sherry Card, try and finish both my Christmas ornament for March in the SAL and complete the LHN Little Sheep Virtures - Hope and do week 3 of the Hardanger SAL which is just cross and backstitching this week. I also intend to complete a few more of my garter stitch squares.


  1. Your knitting is lovely. I also found Attic 24 ages ago. She does such lovely work and her colour choices are always beautiful. Sadly even her blog couldn't help me get crochet right. But your square looks really good.

    1. Thanks Monique, well I have finally cracked it Monique but it did take me 15 years on and off :-)

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    So sorry to hear about your Dad being ill and I hope he gets better soon.
    Your crafting is beautiful!

  3. Prayers and Strength for your Dad. THe video of your dog was great, love it, hoping the weather will break here soon and I can get back to those long dog walks, they are a great stress reliever for me. Your Granny square is awesome - I think once you get them started they can go quickly.
    Fingers crossed and wishes sent your way for you to get pack on your Getting Fit Plan, and for your Dad

  4. Hope your Dad is feeling better's difficult, watching our parents age, etc...

    Great crocheting and knitting and stitching!

    1. Yes Wilma watching your parents get old is hard, but I will remain positive. Thank you for your comments on my knitting and stitching.

  5. Hope you Dad's health improves soon. Lovely stitching and crocheting.

  6. Your Margaret Sherry card will be so cute! Great job on the knitting and crocheting squares. I don't know how to do either one.


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