Monday, 11 March 2013

Day Seven and Eight - Chrysanthemum Fairy plus a UFO and

I am posting these two days together as although I did do 2 hrs work on the Chrysanthemum Fairy  on Day Seven of working on her, half an hour was spent frogging so I only made a little progress on the flower bottom right, see photo below.

On Day Seven instead of continuing with my fairy I spent the evening in the living room.When I am working on a large project I do that in  my bedroom where my workstation is set up and also there is no chance of either Lily ( tri-colour border collie) or Daisy (tortie and white cat) getting near my work and leaving their hair on it. So I spent the evening stitching on one of my UFO's the Just Nan Winter Humbug, whilst watching re-runs of Special Victims Unit. Below are photos of my starting point and where I got to after a couple of hours stitching. I love Just Nan designs as they are so delicately pretty, very feminine.

On Day Eight it was a similar pattern. Here in the UK it was Mothering Sunday, so I spent the morning out and about and by the time I was able to sit down at my frame and stitch it did not give me much time. Anyway I am very pleased that I  have managed to finish the large flower at the bottom of the design. My aim is to complete the other flower and greenery by midweek so that I can move on to page 2 of 4.

Sunday evenings I watch TV and this week was no exception as it was the last in the current series of Call the Midwife. This was series 2 and they are based on the memoirs of  the late Jennifer Worth who was a midwife in the East End of London during the late 1950's and in the series works out of a house that is run by Anglican Nuns. Having read the books, the series is relatively faithful to them and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Just makes me glad I had my children in the 1990's as I am not sure I would have survived my first pregnancy  had I had them back in the the 1950's. My son was a very large baby, who was eventually delivered by forceps, I then had a post partum hemorrhage, followed by a blood transfusion the following day and six months on iron tablets - but he was worth it.

Anyway I digress back to what I stitched whilst watching the TV. I am in the Ornament 2013 SAL and I have chosen to stitch Santa's all year. So this month I have decided to work on the Papa Noel Pendant from Faby Reilly designs. First I have to say that Faby gives the most excellent finishing tutorials for all her designs. Below is my starting point and where I got to after a couple of hours. I don't think I will complete the whole ornament this month but as long as I get the Santa bit completed I will be happy.


  1. Lots of stitching going on...and it all looks great! I've made a few little humbugs over the years, although not any JN.

    1. Thanks Wilma, I enjoy doing humbugs as they look quite complicated but are in fact very easy to make :-)

  2. I am enjoying watching your fairy process. She is one that I want to stitch, amongst many JE designs.

  3. Your humbug is beautiful. Santa looks great!


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