Friday, 1 March 2013

Polstitches Hardanger SAL - Week One

I am a member of the Polstitches Designs Facebook Group and I have dabbled with Hardanger for a longtime but never been that happy with my results. When Jo Critchley said she was going to do a Hardanger SAL with the group I signed up straight away. Well today is March 1st and the email with week ones instructions has arrived.
The SAL pack contains a photo cover of the finished design, Spun Gold 28ct Jobelan Polstitches Fabric, DMC Floss in 372, 472 and 730, Polstitches DragonFloss in Mummies Curse and a ball of Finca No 8 in shade 3000 plus some Mill Hill Beads in 03017.

 I feel fairly confident that I will have done week one correctly as it is just the Kloster Blocks this week using Finca No 8 in shade 3000. Because the overall design does contain cutwork, Jo has advised to do a separate practice piece. So this morning I have worked on both the actual SAL and using a piece of scrap Jobelan from Polstitches and some Chameleon No 8 in Summer Sunset, I have worked a practice piece.

Practice Piece

Actual SAL

The online SAL is now closed but Jo will be releasing this design through her website in the next few weeks Polstitches Designs


  1. Looking good so far, Lisa. Looking forward to next update.

  2. Good luck with your hardangar. I have always admired this form of needlework and even gave it a try once. However I think it's best I just stick to my cross stitch.
    This is a lovely pattern and you've made a great start to it.

    1. Thanks Lynn, I have had numerous attempts at Hardanger too, but when it comes to cutting and doing Dove's Eye, I seem to make a hash of it. Hopefully not this time :-)


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