Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Stitching Plan

The other day I was looking through all the things I have started and not completed and created two lists, one a list of  all the sampler style projects which totalled 39 starts and then a second list of everything else which totals 130 projects. This included all the rotations I had been working, the WIP's I was going to work on and all my new starts back in January for the Crazy challenges.

As I am already working on Chrysanthemum Fairy,  I shall keep working on this until it is completed. I will then finish off Martha Jones 1792 sampler as that is quite a good way along and also if I stitch it for any length of time should not take me too long to complete.

So that is two projects. I then thought well I cannot really pick the ones I want to do as there are too many to chose from so I will use the Random Number generator. So I alternated between the two lists to have one non sampler project and then a sampler one. If the projects are really large I will work on them for 30 days and then return them to the lists for reselection when I have worked my way through the 16 projects below.

Joan Elliott Chrysanthemum Fairy
European Reproduction Samplers Martha Jones 1792
Vermillion Stitchery January Garnet Fairy
Chatelaine Sleeping Beauty Castle (30days)
Heritage Crafts - John Clayton Hannah
Mary Hickmott Designs Historic Forest Sampler (30days)
Pashmina Heart from The World of Cross Stitching Magazine
Love Sampler from Cross Country Stitching Magazine
Heart by Sweetheart Tree
Papillon Creations Around the World in 80 Stitches (30 days)
DMC Sarah Kay - Birthday Friends
ABC Linen Thread Heart
Design Works - Joan Elliott - Geisha Pair
Ink Circles Winter Mandala as featured in JCS Magazine
Joan Elliott Pink Cinderella (Brunette)
Polstitches Floral Needlekeeper

Alongside these projects I will still be doing a couple of SAL's and a card exchange. These are the 2013 Ornament SAL, the LHN Little Sheep Virtues, Polstitches Hardanger SAL and the FWC Card Exchange.
Whilst I was going through  my 169 started projects I gave a rough calculation as to how long it would take me to complete them all. If I stitched for  2 hrs each day it would take me well over 6 years. Of course I don't always stitch each day and sometimes only for a few minutes. So it will be a very long time and was my reason for doing this. Now to make it happen. Wish me luck :-)


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan for your stitching. Personally, I can't imagine that many starts, or projects around, waiting, waiting...

    I'm one at a time type, although I usually have two on the go. But that's it for me!

    Good luck!

    1. I wish I was Wilma, I am not sure how I got to this to be honest. Oh well I will just have to try my best and get them completed :-)

  2. Wow, that is a very ambitious plan!! Lots of pretty projects there--best of luck in finishing each of them :)

  3. Good luck to you! And, I must express my amazement that I just might have found someone with more WIPs than me!! (Though it's been a while since I counted.... =)

    1. That made me laugh Heather, but I am horrified by where I have got to. Oh well one project at a time. Who knows in 10 years I may be clear :-)

  4. Wow I never realised you had so many projects. Sounds like you have s good plan.

  5. Oh, if only all of life's "to-do" lists were this enjoyable. You have alot of stitching ahead of you,so enjoy, and good luck:)

    1. Thanks Annie, I will try and enjoy, currently it looks like a mountain to climb :-)

  6. Wow that is some list of projects lol. Look forward to seeing your progress on them. Good luck.

  7. Good for you, Lisa! I love using the Random Number Generator when I can't decide what to stitch next. I'm sure your WIPs will turn into finishes slowly but surely!

  8. you have some beautiful projects there :D Good luck getting at least some of them finished :D


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