Thursday, 4 April 2013

Oh Um a New Cross Stitch Start and More Crochet !!

In the last couple of weeks my stitching mojo has got up and left me and although I have tried to do some I have struggled. Then on Tuesday I saw a wonderful finish of Joan Elliott's Swirly Peacock design on Facebook and I thought about it and knew I had some fabric which I thought it could look good on. So I got the pattern from my Joan Elliott folder and then went through my floss spares boxes and what do you know I had all the DMC bar one to do the design. So you've guessed it I hemmed my fabric put it on my R & R frame and made a start.

Now you may be asking what about the Stitching Plan I wrote about in a previous post, well I will be returning to this as soon as my metallic thread arrives that I  need to use on Chrysanthemum Fairy as I would like to complete the pages beading, backstitches and metallics before moving on to the next page, I contacted my supplier yesterday and they are expecting a delivery of the Kreinik next week. So come Mid April I will be returning to the plan and will fit this one in as an extra
Whilst I was working on this I had a knock on the door and a big packet of yarn had arrived. My order from Deramores for the Stylecraft Special DK yarn pack.
Initially I had intended only using the pink and purple shades to make my crochet bedspread but then realised that would mean half the pack would not get used. So what I now intend to do is always have the 5th and final round of each square in Plum the shade that is top left in my photo above. Then what I intend to do is remove the first colour and add in a new shade so that all colours get used. You should be able to see what I mean from the photos below.


  1. Lovely new start. Look at all that beautiful yarn. I love your colour system for your crochet squares

  2. I love the peacock (and your choice of fabric), and your granny squares!

    I'm sorely tempted to start a new design, but I'm resisting at the moment...

    1. Thanks Lynn, I should not have started something new but I have so struggled to be motivated the last couple of weeks and when I saw a completed one on Facebook the other day I thought what the heck.

  3. Glad you have found your stitching mojo. Love the colours in the Peacock.

  4. Wow! That peacock is going to be amazing! I love that fabric you chose to stitch it on, and look forward to your updates.

  5. That is one lovely peacock...he's going to look great on your fabric. I'm stitching a small peacock at the moment myself ;)
    The afghan is going to be very cosy and colorful!

  6. Your squares look great and I love your new start.


  7. Great new start. Lovely new yarn and grannie squares.

  8. Gorgeous new start. It's so pretty.

    What a lovely collection of wool. Your squares are beautiful.


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