Monday, 29 July 2013

52 Weeks - 52 Things Week 4 plus Stitching Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

Well this year has been pretty awful so far and this week we had yet more sad news. Our six year old cat Daisy has cancer and sadly we had to have her put to sleep on Sunday. I will so miss my lovely vocal kitty and her coming to sit on me to lick my skin. RIP Daisy.

My Mum and her dog Nipper have come up to stay with us for the next fortnight and today is my Mum's 70th birthday, yesterday we went out for a meal to celebrate.

The photo below is me with Nipper



No books purchased (4/52)

I have continued to listen to Outlander audio book and am nearly finished about 10% to go.

I have continued reading The Summer Queen and Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer and started reading Virgin Widow by Anne O'Brien as my bath read. I have had this book since it was published a couple of years ago but have put off reading it as I was really unfamiliar with that part of UK history. It is about Anne Neville the daughter of the Earl of Warwick and wife to Richard III. Having been watching the TV serialisation of Philippa Gregory's The White Queen and also watching the documentary of the same name I wanted to read a different fictional view of this historical person. So far I am loving it.

I have not read any more of The Light Between Oceans as The Summer Queen is a library loan and is due back this week, so I will return to the M. L. Steadman book once I have finished reading the book about Eleanor of Aquitaine.

I have continued with my daily reading from The Bible (4/52)

This week has been a total wipe out for all my challenges. Will try better in the coming week.


I still have not  bought any stash (4/52)
No magazines purchased (4/52)

I have not managed any Granny Squares this week although I have done a couple of rounds on my lap blanket, but not enough for a photo to show any difference from the last update.

My stitching update will be at the end of this post.


My Vegetarian day was Friday (3/52)

I did not do a new recipe this week. 


Nothing done in the garden over the last week.


No Chocolate eaten (4/52)
10,000 Steps walked 5 out of 7 days (4/52)
8 Glasses of water drank each day (4/52)


Only £2 added this week, total now £40
Shrapnel added = 18 pence, total now £3.45


Still not bitten my nails (4/52)
Continued journaling each day (4/52)
De cluttered bedroom
Keep Loubie's Lot up to date - well this is the weekly posting (4/52)


Well I have struggled a bit this week with doing any stitching. Once I have had the time to actually do any I have felt too tired to bother. That said I did manage to make a start on the latest FWC Card Exchange card, this time the theme was cute so I am working on this cat card, and will get it completed in the coming week.  My progress to date

I also made myself sit down and do three hours work on the Polstitches Pixie SAL. So here is Pansy as of yesterday, still got quite a bit to do, but I will keep plodding away at here until she is done.

Well that's it for this time

bye for now



  1. So sorry for your loss Lisa. At least you have your mom to visit to keep you company,


  2. So sorry for your loss Lisa. You are doing so well with your challenge. Enjoy your mum's visit.


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