Wednesday, 25 September 2013

2013 Ornament SAL - September

Hi Blogger Friends,

This month I have managed to stitch 4 ornaments from the Framecraft series the 12 Days of Christmas. I will put them in their frames in December when I finish off all the other ornaments I have made this year ready to put on the tree.
I already made one and two earlier in the year and I intend to keep working on these now so that I have all 12 complete by December. They actually only take a couple of hours to do but are fiddly.

That is it for this month

Bye for now



  1. Oh, those are so tiny and cute!

  2. Those are cute, Lisa...what a great set they will make!

  3. Congrats on all the cute ornaments.


  4. You stitch four and I couldn't even get mine done for today--but mine is over one. That's my excuse. It will be nice to have this whole set on your tree.

  5. Those are lovely ornaments!!!

  6. Four ornaments! Wow, you did fabulous this month! Great stitching.


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