Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Ornament stitched plus weekly round up

Hi Blogger Friends,

Just a quick post about what I have been up to over the last week.

So I am going to start with where I have got to with the Lizzie Kate Holly and Hearts Sampler.

I am now onto part 2 of the 3 part project and would have got a little more done if I had not had a visit from the FROG !!
So my aim for the coming week is to complete part 2 and hopefully make a start on part 3.

Last night I finished stitching  my first Christmas ornament for this year. Every year I like to make a couple and add them to my growing collection ready for my tree which this year I intend to put up on the 12th December. I just need to finish the ornie off and need to purchase some black felt as I want to complete the design as it was on the chart book. It is from Book 103 Blackwork Angels by Prairie Schooler. I stitched it on 28ct white Jazlyn using DMC and Petite Treasure Braid.
This is all the stitching I have done over the last week.

At the beginning of last week I had the desire for cake as it was really cold. So I  made a very nice Carrot Cake with Quark, Honey and Orange/Lemon juice filling/topping. I have decided this is what I will cook for Christmas as none of my family like traditional cake and this is easy enough for me to do as I don't bake very often. Below is a photo of me enjoying said cake with a lovely cup of tea.
The downside of cake is that it put me in a sugar craving spiral for the rest of the week. So my healthy eating went right out of the window. Anyway back to Fat Fighters (aka Slimming World) tomorrow to try and get back on track until Christmas when I am taking a few days off of plan.

On Saturday we went to Bath to look at the Christmas markets it was a lovely day out and the displays were great. It was really busy but I am glad we went. Below is a photo of the river in Bath I presume it is the Avon but not 100% certain of that.
Whilst I was there my Husband bought me a new Matryoshka (Russian Doll) to go with my collection. This one has a total of 7 stacking dolls and is about 8.5 inches tall. It is the largest one in my collection and this is my 7th stacking doll.
and below is the rest of my collection showing all the dolls and their contents


  1. Love your doll collection. I got a cat one for my birthday. Congrats on the cute ornament finish Lisa and nice progress on the other.


  2. Your LK Christmas piece is coming along beautifully. I still need to decide how to finish mine.

    The cake looks delicious.

    Love your collection of dolls.

  3. Thanks Sally. The cake was very nice.


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