Monday, 23 November 2015

An Update and a slight change to plans

Hi Blogger Friends,

This week you should have seen an update on Save the Stitches, below is where I am at with that project
but in the New Year this is no longer going to be Rotation 3 but worked on Saturdays. Because I really wanted to start and finish Twas the Night by Sue Hillis designs before the end of the year I have decided to put both the above project and also Rotation 4 which is currently Christmas in London by Mirabilia (see below for where I am with that one)
on hold. Christmas in London will go into my Rotation 2's slot in 2016 once Raven is completed.

So this week I worked on Twas the Night for 4 days, I used fabric which I think is 32ct Antique Ivory linen that I had in my stash and DMC floss I believe the model is stitched using Sullivans which we don't have in the UK but DMC conversions were provided.
What it should look like when done and below where I got to after 4 days, the bottom half wording done and started on the bottom border which is quite fiddly lots of colour changing.
I am pleased with my progress and the actual stitching is brighter than this, just a bad photo.

I also completed the stitching part of November's Pin Cushion by Sheena Rogers and from Cross Stitch Collection magazine.

Below you will see where my last progress update and the completed stitching
I now use a Project Log app on my ipad this took me 15hrs and 53 minutes to stitch which works out at 197 stitches an hour which is a square inch of stitching. So I am clearly an average stitcher as that is what the "experts" reckon you should be able to do in an hour.

So in the coming week I intend to complete the pin cushion and continue with Twas the Night. I am hoping to have the bottom border completed by my next weeks post.

I would just like to say I have not abandoned Rotation completely I will do Rotation 5 Next week and Rotations 1 (because I will finish it then) and Rotation 2 as this will continue in 2016.

Sorry this post is a bit waffly and I know what I am doing even if it does not seem clear here. I will do a proper 2016 projects post closer to the New Year and hopefully my stitching plans will become a little clearer.

So that's it for this week not a huge amount of stitching but I have really enjoyed what I have got done.

Bye for now
take care


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