Monday, 9 November 2015

Rotation 1 - Snowshoe and Other updates

Hi Blogger Friends,

After doing the monthly post I have decided to do weekly ones from now on. Two reasons really  I was doing the draft post weekly anyway and it will also make my blog a little more active and the posts not quite so long.

So in the past week I have been mainly working Snowshoe by DMC/Jayne Netley Mayhew as it is my Rotation 1 project. My aim as usual was to do at least 10 hrs work on this.

Starting point

End of Week - I did 21 hrs

Sadly I did not complete it this week I had hoped to but after 5 solid days of working on it I managed to make my shoulder stiff so took a day off from stitching. It will be completed in December and because I do not think it will take me the whole week will free up some time to finish off Christmas ornaments etc.

Other stitching done this week. I made a start on my November Pin Cushion designed by Sheena Rogers and featured in Cross Stitch Collection magazine, I  did about 3 hrs stitching. This is where I have got to

I also had a little play with the Jodyri threads that I showed in my last blog post. I am using Oz the Great and Powerful and will make a small biscornu. I only managed to do half the first side but I think the thread looks very nice.

Other news I am abandoning Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf. After completing Page 1 I had a good think about things and decided I really do not want to be spending hours and hours and years and years working on a high count fabric. In hindsight I should have purchased either the regular or mini version of this chart and stitched on 18 count aida 2 over 1.

In the New Year I will be changing my rotations slightly and I will post the exact details nearer the time but will be embarking on another HAED design this time on 18 ct and I have estimated that if I manage around 20 hrs in a rotation week I should get it completed in about 6.5 years. The design I will be doing is Capricorn by Josephine Wall

Finally I was up at stupid o'clock on Sunday morning and got to thinking about how I sign my work. I had hoped to do sort of a handwriting style signature to my work but because I want to use all 3 of my initials it would have taken up far too much space on the design. So I stitched the following onto a piece of plastic canvas so that I have a reminder which I will keep in my stitching bits and bobs pencil case.
I like the top version best but will use the lower case version on smaller pieces of work.

Well that's it for this week. No purchases so just the little bit of stitching I have done to show.

Bye for now
take care



  1. Awesome progress Lisa. Sorry to hear that your giving up on the Bookshelf.


  2. Thanks Linda, Well the Bookshelf has been put away but I have the chart and the fabric so I will say never say never but I want to try my hand at an easier full coverage piece and would like to see a finish of it within 10 years :-)


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