Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Update 1st December 2015

Hi Blogger Friends,

This is a quick update of what I have been doing in the last week and what my plans are for the remainder of this year.

Firstly some finishes
November Pin Cushion by Sheena Rogers/Cross Stitch Collection Magazine. This has now been backed and stuffed finally finished on 30 November 2015.

These two little fairies I stitched up in one evening and will  make them up into cards this week. They were a magazine cover kit from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine designed by Lucie Heaton. Quick and fun to stitch.

I have started to stitch my Mum a Christmas card it is from Joan Elliott and is in the Christmas Chart Book from Cross Stitch Crazy 2014. This is where I have got to after 3 evenings stitching.

My aim is to get this finished and posted by Friday.
I also made a start on the December Pin Cushion this morning at around 6.30am. Below are photos of the completed design and my progress after an hours stitching.
My goal for this one is to continue doing a little each day until it is completed.

Plans for the rest of the month are to complete my Mum's Christmas card, complete December's Pin Cushion and  return to working on Snowshoe by DMC/Jayne Netley Mayhew until it is completed.
This is where I got to in November a little section of Cross Stitching remaining and then the small amount of back stitching to be done. I was fortunate to be able to get a second cat from this series in the last week. I decided to go for Turkish Angora and was able to get it for £17.80 which I think is a very good price.

I think Amazon went a little overkill on the packaging but I wont complain as far as I am concerned the kit was a bargain.

Once Snowshoe is done I will be working on completing Twas the Night by Sue Hillis Designs. Below is where I got to after 7 days stitching on the project. The lettering works ups really quickly but the border is very fiddly and has slowed my progress considerably, but I think it will be completed in under 20 stitching days and it will be finished before the New Year.
So this is where I am currently at I should complete the Card this week, continue progressing on my December Pin Cushion and with a bit of luck finish off stitching Snowshoe as well.

Bye for now

Take Care


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