Friday, 15 January 2016

Week 2 - 2016 Update

Hi Blogger Friends,

It has been another fairly productive stitchy week for me.

On Saturday I finished stitching my January Pin Cushion. I worked on this for 9 days and it took 12hrs and 53 minutes to stitch. It is stitched on 14ct white aida using the recommended DMC threads
and here is what it looks like made up into pin cushion which took another hour.
Design by Sheena Rogers from Cross Stitch Collection magazine

On Saturday I also worked on Save the Stitches by Blackwork Journey. The last time I took a photo it looked like this
and as I explained in my last blog post I frogged out the bit in the bottom as I was not happy with how it looked. I worked on it for about 2.5 hrs and below is where I got to.
I am pleased with the progress the photo isn't that good the colour of the fabric is like the first photo but all progress is good as far as I am concerned.

On Sunday I returned to working on Orangutans (Simon) by Jayne Netley Mayhew.
This is where I left it last week
And here is what I achieved this week. It's about 3 hrs stitching.
I think it is beginning to look more like an a Orangutan now and again I am pleased with the progress I have made.

I spent most of the week working on my Prairie Schooler Alphabet and I have gone from this
to completing the Letter A (so I have earned a bonus £1, I am rewarding myself for each letter completed as this is a very long term project). Letter A took 12 days or 20hrs 33 mins to stitch I have also started on the Letter B

I have so far spent 13 days on this project. I am now going to leave this until February as my intention was to get one letter done each month and I have achieved that.

On Monday I started working on the Joyful World SAL from The Snowflower Diaries on Facebook, I am hoping to get January completed in January and below is a link to the The Snowflower Diaries blog where you can get the chartsThe Snowflower Diaries - Joyful World SAL and also my progress
which isn't very much

Sadly I haven't done any work  on Twas the Night by Sue Hillis Designs. But I do intend to try and still get it completed before the end of January here is where I left it last week.
The reason for lack of work on this is two fold. I think I am experiencing a bit of stitching burn out having had a very intense first week of the New Year and also I got sidetracked by Colouring. As part of my birthday present I got the following
and below is the colouring I have done this week
Design from the book above using the Marco Raffine 7100 pencils (72 set) above. For cheap they work out at 30 p  a pencil I am really pleased they are very vibrant and I can press fairly hard without them breaking.
The cover under the dust jacket of Secret Garden this has been coloured using WHSmith 36 Colouring Pencils - The Spectrum Sings and Staedtler Ergosoft 24 set.
Also from the Secret Garden by Johanna Basford this one is using fine liner pens and gel pens. This is a much quicker method of colouring but I personally prefer pencils as I feel I have more control. Not very keen on the fine liners but do like the gel pens.

Finally this week I received a cross stitch kit The Winter Russian Doll which my daughter got for me. So I now have two of the seasons and at some stage I will have to get Summer and Autumn

So that is it for this week. In the coming week I intend to work on Joyful World, Save the Stitches, Simon and Twas the Night. I will also be starting another very large and long term project. A Stitch in Time design by Aimee Stewart charted by HAED
I am just waiting on the fabric to arrive. I have gone for the regular chart but in Max Colors so there are 237 different shades of floss. The stitch count of this design is 725 x 518 and I will be doing it on 18ct Aida as I did not want to have two large HAED's in progress both on 28ct 1 over 1, I don't think my eyes would take it. So wish me luck I really am a glutton at times.

Anyway I hope you all have a great week

bye for now

take care



  1. Another amazing week of stitching Lisa. You are getting so much done each week. I would get more if I would stay off this computer. Love your coloring too.


  2. You had such a busy week. Thank you for sharing all your reviews on the colored pencils and makers. I am looking to get something a little more vibrant.

  3. Great work, you've been busy, Lisa. Keep looking at a Stitch in Time, can't decide whether to buy chart.


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